Thursday, June 25, 2015

Amazing Benefits of Gram Flour for Beautiful Skin

Besan (Gram Flour) - for beautiful skin
Besan mostly referred to as gram flour / chestnut flour is pulse flour made from ground chickpeas. Besan finds its origins with the ancient culture of Britain. Besan contains a high proportion of carbohydrates but when compared to all the other flours, it has relatively high proportion of protein. It is used in a lot of countries and is a staple ingredient in Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi cuisines. Besan(Gram-flour) has been traditionally used in beauty care, mainly to exfoliate and deep cleanse  the skin.

Besan as Facial Exfoliant:

Exfoliation is a process which involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells from the skin's outermost surface. It has been used for so many years to help in maintaining the skin. In the form of a paste with water or yogurt, Besan is a popular facial exfoliant in the Indian Subcontinent. Besan used to be one of the main ingredients of a body scrub which is a traditional beauty treatment for brides. Studies say that Besan can be applied to hair for smooth and silky hair.

How Besan can be used:

Besan can be added to face packs to remove the tan and to cleanse the skin.
It can be either mixed with yogurt or lemon juice or applied on skin for half an hour.
It's also mixed with ground almonds with milk and applied on face for about 20 mins. This helps to remove tan and lighten up the skin colour.
Besan mixed with milk helps to reduce oiliness.
For pimple prone skin, Besan can be mixed with milk,sandalwood paste and turmeric. 
Besan is also used to discourage facial hair. It's mixed with water and made into a paste and applied over the area and washed when dried.
For smooth and fairer skin besan is mixed with dried orange peels and cream of milk. Applied on face and neck and washed after 15 minutes.

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