Friday, June 3, 2016

#Redi-GO - Truly Fun. Freedom. Confidence Car

Datsun motors is all set to buzz the Indian markets with it's new car redi-Go. This one happens to be the third car in the series after GO and GO2. All the three cars have certain similarities as well as dis-similarities. Redi-Go was unveiled during the auto-expo show during the year,2014. Datsun promises to offer an upmarket exterior as well as exterior with redi-Go.I always have a curiosity for trying out my driving skills at different kinds of cars. The Redi-Go looks quite a comfy car to drive in considering, we are a small family.

Redi-GO looks like a smart pick to me because of the following three urban driving blues !!


I guess present generation always gives some weight-age to the overall appearance of the car and especially, boys nowadays like cars that have a sporty look, somewhat inspired by SUVs as compared to the classic sedans.

Redi-GO from Datsun has a very futuristic design that will appeal to the contemporary youth.For once, the Chrome finish metallic sheen in all the colour variants that are available is a big plus factor.Also, the aeromechanical lines that can be seen on the side-profile of the car and continue to the boot space and then cross over to the other side are a rather quirky incorporation in the design of the car.Redi-GO has body coloured bumpers that beautifully fit in with the design. It is a classic hatchback with tail lights that have been side-swept and wide flared wheels. The boot space is good enough. From the front, redigo offers a sporty look all thanks to it's hexagonal grille and chiseled bumpers.The angular headlamps look spectacular,too.


Coming to the interiors of this car, the wise use of Beige colour for the dash-board and the glove-box is commendable as it gives a chic and clean look to the car. The centre has controls for air-conditioner,AUX/USB,Stereo etc. The speedometer has a wide dial. If we talk about the space, then front seats have enough room for head and legs. The back seats can comfortably accommodate two people but the third one, if at all, has to squeeze in.No luxury features have been incorporated, which is okay considering the fact that price range falls in a very affordable category.You have an option of front power-windows, depending upon the exact model you pick.


So, it is basically a car for the family of 4.The price range falls in the category of 2.5 to 4 lakhs nearly.

For those who really  love driving, this car would be a great buddy as the higher placed driving position and low dasboard helps to give you a fantastic view along with the tapering front window line.It has a 800 cc,three pot 53 bhp motor, in the petrol version. I would love to take Redi-go out for a spin at the Yamuna expressway because it is a fantastic highway to drive on and would give me a fair idea of certain things that matter the most like: pickup, mileage, smoothness while shifting gears, cooling from the air conditioner etc.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun Redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback. So, what are your thoughts about the new Datsun Redi-GO?

Monday, May 23, 2016

How critical illness insurance can help one bounceback from a critical illness?

When choosing a mediclaim, it is also important to consider the factor of critical illnesses. A critical illness not just affects the health but leads to massive expenses that can financially impact the entire family. A critical illness is therefore capable of exhausting your entire lifetime savings thus impacting the future plans of you and your family members.
An illness can affect anyone, even the fittest and the most health conscious person can be affected. Hence, it is important to consider mediclaim and a critical illness policy. Your mediclaim can help you pay a portion of the hospitalisation bills. But the treatment for critical illness is expensive  and sometimes the cost of the medicines may exceed the amount covered by your mediclaim. The amount may not even be considered for specific expenses such as prosthetics, physiotherapy etc. among other treatment requirements. In such cases, you may have to pay from your own pocket.
Buying a critical illness plan can help to overcome such restrictions. This kind of cover provides comprehensive cover against critical illnesses. You either can buy a critical illness plan as a standalone policy or  buy critical illness riders with a life insurance plan. The policy terms and conditions under both are similar. The choice between a standalone policy and a rider depends on one’s needs.
Usually, a standalone policy offers more flexibility in choosing the sum insured and provides higher cover as compared to riders. Also, the limit on sum insured for a rider is usually the same as the base policy.
Below are some differences between the two types of critical illness coverage
1. The Amount of coverage
A standalone policy provides more flexibility to decide the sum insured. However, critical illness rider, cannot exceed the coverage amount of the base policy. Hence, a standalone policy is a better option for people who require a higher amount of coverage.
2. Coverage

Standalone policy provides more coverage for critical ailments than any critical illness rider does.
3. Critical illnesses covered:

Some stand alone policies only cover a single critical illness like cancer whereas most riders cover multiple critical illnesses. However, there are stand alone plans which cover multiple critical illnesses like Edelweiss Tokio Life – CritiCare+ and Bharti Axa General insurance

4. Multi claim feature:

Most critical illness riders don’t have a multi claim option. Stand alone critical illness insurance plans like Edelweiss Tokio Life – CritiCare+ provide a multiclaim feature under which a policyholder can claim thrice.

Now that you are aware about the importance of a critical illness insurance plan, take an informed decision to secure yourself so that you can bounceback from a critical illness.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Australian Adventure I Cannot Forget


Hey all; 

I have been a really sincere student all my life and soon after my Graduation; I joined a job to gain some experience. I switched 3 jobs within 4 years and life just got trapped between a 9 to 6 frame. Towards, the end of last year; I got married and finally; decided to give my work a brief break and enjoy life. A marriage is a major paradigm shift in any girl's life. The anxiety about adjusting with new family members, adopting a new lifestyle does take a toll on you mentally besides the all the buzz that surrounds your wedding day is tiring, too!! Luckily, before I started my journey as the new daughter in law of the home; I got to spend some quality time with my husband on a vacation in Australia that spread over a span of 7 days.

The morning following our wedding, we flew to Gold Coast, Australia. We had to board our flight from Indira Gandhi international Airport, Terminal 3. We flew by Singapore Airlines . The journey was a 6 hours stretch with nearly 2 hours halt at Singapore and then a connecting flight to Gold coast that took nearly 8 hours to reach at the destination. So, the halt was not too painful as we just had a meal, stretched a bit and the time got passed. Okay, so, we reached Gold Coast at around 8 in the morning and were picked up by a cab which dropped us to our hotel called “ The Grand Chancellor” at the Surfers paradise. The first day, was free with no particular itinerary to follow,so, after resting for a couple of hours, we went out to explore the beautiful city of Brisbane on foot. Around end of November, the weather was mighty fine with it being the starting of summers in Australia. 

We explored some local shops, shortlisted a few gift options for the folks back home and enjoyed some snacks and coffee at Starbucks. Thereafter, we walked towards the beach. The sea beach at Brisbane offered a breath taking beautiful view at night. Crystal White waves gushing towards you at a maddening speed with a utterly romantic, moonlit sky. I still get goosebumps when I think of the stupendous beauty of nature I witnessed. 

The second day, our cab came by to pick us for the sea world. Sea World at Brisbane is all about aquatic life with a couple of rides which was fun. The third day, we went to the Movie World by Warner Brothers. The place was magnificent with some fabulous roller coasters, candy shops, a 4D movie theater, coffee shops, gift shops, road- shows…. Literally, what all and what not !! Me and my husband thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and it was really liberating to feel like a kid, all over again!

The fourth day, we flew to Sydney via Virgin airlines. We stayed at a lodge and during our 3 day stay at the buzzing city of Sydney, we did a lot of shopping.We went for a city tour and also enjoyed ourselves at the Darling Harbour, visited Madame Tussauds wax museum and an aquarium. The Beautiful vacation came to an end when we finally headed back home through the same route. 

Singapore airlines is a very nice airlines for international travel due to the levels of hygiene they maintain, the quality and quantity of food served, in-flight facilities and the very courteous staff. 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Beautiful Mehndi Designs For Brides Who Will Get Married This Summer

Mehndi, the ageless beauty! It’s more than just a design, it’s an expression, an experience. No matter how many more decades pass by, us ladies will always get excited hearing about it. And certainly not a very easy one as well, one needs skills to make those intricate designs. Takes up a bit of time, waiting for it to dry but the end result is so gorgeous. It certainly is one of those things which make me look forward to a wedding or a festival.  

So, today I’m going to share with you some beautiful mehndi designs for different occasions. You can certainly get these simple mehndi designs the next time you have a wedding function coming up.
  1. Such an elegant design, simple and chic. Be it a wedding or a festival, you can roc this design very well. Neither too much nor too little; this mehndi design is perfect for girls who don’t like very heavy designs.  This design is mainly done over the index finger. It is also very simple so you could probably make it on your own.
  1. Perfect if you’re attending a friend’s engagement party or a wedding sangeet, this mehndi design is very simple. It can easily be done by yourself to draw attention to your hands. This unusual design will definitely make your mehndi stand out. This can especially be worn by girls who don’t like very heavy designs.

  1. You can go old school with this breathtakingly beautiful mehndi design. Just perfect for girls who love mehndi and can’t bear to leave any part of their palms plain. You can flaunt this gorgeous design at a friend’s wedding. I can’t say it’s a very simple design, so it’ll be better if you get it done by a professional.
  1. Up your mehandi game by getting yourself a white henna design. For those of you who don’t know, white henna is nothing but a white adhesive paste which is then filled into cones and made designs with. Then it is sealed in place with glitter dust or gliding powder. Once the design dries completely, it becomes waterproof and somewhat durable. It will last you from three to ten days.  So, perfect for girls who have to go back to work and don’t want their mehndi to last a long time.

  1. From what I know, mehndi lovers shouldn’t just stop at the hands. You can use this amazing art to beautify your feet as well. Light mehndi designs on your feet will not interfere with your style and beautifully blend with your footwear and outfit. A simple and clutter free design like so will be perfect for a wedding.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

#ThinkBig - Why I Think College Education is Must For My Child

Parents usually want the best for their children, sometimes the same education they got as well and most of the time that doesn’t turn out the best. Time has changed and making such crucial decisions based on the past’s knowledge is the wisest choice after all.
College education as we all know it sets the course of your career and eventually your life. So a lot of factors should be considered before picking out a college rather than blindly getting into a college your parents went to. You don’t write letters to your relatives in the era of cell phones, now do you? So why do you make career choices based on ancient knowledge.
Here Are A Few Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Inherit Your College Education From Your Parents:

  1. The course of education has taken a different turn altogether. Ask your parents if you may, but the education during their college life was almost theory. Their studies were mostly theoretical which not the case is now. Now practical is given as much importance as the theory part.
  2. Every individual is different and every individual’s mind and talents are different from each other. Your parents may have gone to an engineering college whereas you might be better at Robotics or Law.
  3. The opportunities and the requirements in the outer world are changing. During your parents times, engineering may have been a very rare thing but it’s not important that today it may have the same demand.
  4. Nowadays children are very curious about different things and their thoughts and aspirations shouldn’t be limited to one field. They should be allowed to find their talents and cherish them.
  5. The infrastructure has modernized. Children nowadays focus on extra-curricular activities just as much as they do on academics. Now these extra-curricular activities help enhance their personality. 
    Check out this video and #ThinkBig 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Birthday Decorations At Home

Birthdays are that time of the year when notly the kids but also the parents are super duper excited to throw parties and entertain guests.You can always arrange a birthday party at a restaurant and it sure is very convenient but many parents prefer adding a personal touch to their kid’s birthday parties and arrange everything right at home. For the latter, here are some cool birthday party decoration ideas.

A table for sweet treats

Create a sweets corner where you can keep all the desserts like: Pastries, cake. cake pops, lollipops etc and probably also juices for the guests to pick. For a girl's birthday, you can keep this corner themed in floral shades like: Pink, Coral or Lavender and for a boy, you can keep this corner themed in stronger colours like: Blue and Olive Green.

Accent wall

Just behind the sweets table, you can accentuate one wall by using a wallpaper of your kid's liking. For boy's action figure themed wallpapers shall look nice and for girl's something fairy tale themed would look awesome. If you want to go for something more temporary than, use strips of cloth in alternating colours and tape them to the wall. This would create a beautiful, curtain like effect on your accent wall.

Use paper lamps

Paper lamps exude delicate lighting and add a lot of colour and warmth to the aura of any room. These are available in vibrant colours.

Use fun plates and spoons to serve refreshments 

Forks, spoons, plates and straws with lots of colours and probably themed with some cartoon characters can really cheer your kids up.

Choose upholstery that appeals to kids

Use coasters and table mats in fun patterns like Polka dots or zigzag lines. You can also buy or rent table runners, carpets etc in patterns or displaying figurines that appeal to kids.

Personalize things

You can make use of personalized stuff like Tee shirts or hangings with the kid's pictures, picture garland made out of various pics of your kid or probably a banner for your party.

Balloons and ribbons decoration

Birthdays are never complete without use of colourful balloons and frills in your decorations.You can get regular balloons or those in various shapes and get them arranged in simple bunches or get them arranged in patterns like: flowers, animal figures, pillars or arches as per your choice and budget. The entire ceiling can also be covered in net like arrangement of balloons, frills and ribbons.

Make personalized envelopes for return gifts

The kids will simply love it if they get special attention in form of return gifts handed over to them in exclusive envelopes.

Friday, February 12, 2016

My Shopping Experience From Jabong's - VALENTINE’S DAY STORE

Hello you all! 
So as Valentine’s day has almost come, being a couple of days later I am sure all of you all are excited, regardless of the fact whether you are dating or not! After all something like such a special day is not restricted to a mere thing, we should celebrate this day with all our loved ones we have around and cherish the moments of togetherness! Now making people happy sometimes is quite a task because they expect some moment of specialness and reckon surprise elements…to sort that out we have a really exciting way to pep up this whole concept of Valentine ’s Day and gifting.

But, but if you have a special lady or a gentle man in your life who you want to make feel like the most valued person on earth, this is your time time to prove it in a manner which would not only make them fall for you more but also create a perfect Valentine’s surprise!I know gifts are not mandatory, but trust me there is totally another pleasure in receiving and giving out gifts and it adds a lot more significance to someone’s relationship.


So this whole concept of Valentine’s Day store is brought up by Jabong. has lined up different products from which you can choose your or your loved one’s favorite stuff and head for an amazing servicing by these guys. From Watches, belts and wallets to perfumes, jewelries and t shirts etc. you have a huge array of options. understands and has an exclusive Valentine’s Day gifts store organized for you just totally on your complete convenience. This e-store facility also will have them gift-wrapped! You can choose to deliver it wherever you wish to, your residence or your loved one’s within a given frame time all for free. Paying for it is also hassle free as you can pay with your debit/credit card, or cash on delivery. 

That is how Jabong betters your Valentine’s Day some more!

To create a strong fragrant atmosphere, I feel like a valentine should get a beautiful bottle of perfume. The hunt for a suitable gift stops here and you can be assured of picking out something really scented and lovely! Juggling out information about what fragrance or kind of scent they like is quite easy…so going with that flow perfumes are the safest options, especially if you have less time left to decide on something more quirky!

Estée Lauder Pleasures is the one I find the best among all others. It has an elegant packaging which is a transparent body and with silver rounded cap on it. This simple yet classy blend of plain colors adds decency and smooth indication of how you respect the simplicity of love! This perfume has a citrus and refreshing scent and is the most sought out ones! I would stick with this classic piece for this Valentine’s.