Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Website Review Stylewe.com

Fashion to me is a willingness to be comfortable in what you wear and stand out from the crowd.These days, we as professionals are working from Mondays to Saturdays and cannot really fetch time to go to markets and then select clothes.Personally, I am a big fan of online shopping sites for hassle free shopping.The best part, you can find so many designs and brands online.Apply filters for colours, size etc are everything is so easy.I keep checking out many fashion stores on internet and generally,

Friday, October 7, 2016

Latest Fashion Trends To Steal From Divya Khosla

Being the successful director, actor, wife and mother, Divya Khosla was not satisfied enough and grabbed the title of fashionista too. This gorgeous diva is not only known to be the wife of T-Series owner Bhushan Kumar, but always been admired for her dazzling looks. Be it ethnic, western wear, Indo Western, she has not left any stone unturned and nailed every kind of dressing. Hats off to her perfect body shape which allows her to slip into any dress as it has just created for her. She is actually giving tough call to Bollywood ladies when it comes to ‘being fashionable and stylist’.
Divya Khosla left her acting career and went into directing, but she never left being the role model for fashion admirers. Take any occasion which she attended and did not make heads turn around. Not possible dude! Her perfect Indian features and extra perfect body compliment her every look.
Let’s sneak into her gorgeous stills & find out the same in online women dresses -
Pinafore Dress

Most adorable princess she is!
This pinafore dress paired with white off shoulder crop top is extra ordinary. Her school girl haircut with cute fringes is complementing the whole look. Nude makeup with beautiful lip colour is going perfect with the dress.
Hurry and but western dress similar to this, & swirl around!
Sheer Net Glam
My personal fave from all her western attires!
The sheer net over the slinky mini dress has added subtleness to the whole look. How she does it? Well, this is the perfect dress for office party or any romantic dinner.
Overlap Skirt

The colour blend of black & yellow is simply classy. You must have tried overlap skirt before; but next time, try this way. Sleeveless crop top and flats in the bottom – PERFECT!
Sateen Top
Sateen tops may be outdated but if you will see this image, what would you say?
Is it really??? I don’t think so. This rare combination of light pink and red is looking perfect on her perfect body. And that gorgeous hat has made our princess royal and graceful.
You can buy western dresses of various styles, but think about this one!  
Little Pink Dress
Little dresses are always girl’s fave!
They just get attracted to such pieces at a glance. Replace black with pink this time. It will add cuteness to your complete looks. After all every girl loves being both bold and cute at the same time. Rare but perfect combo!!!
Being the fashion lover, admire the stunning stills of this beautiful diva and adorn them.

Manisha Dubey


Monday, September 5, 2016

Fashion Trend-Jumpsuits

Hello everyone!

 The jumpsuit trend is so in this season. They are versatile, comfortable and chic. Rompers and Jumpsuits are my all time favourite. If you're thinking to fill your closet with some trendy jumpsuits, then you must check the cool and OOTD worthy collection of TWO PIECE JUMPSUIT  at STYLEWE.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

5 Indian Lifestyle Bloggers You Should Follow for Tips

Hello All,
Are you a lifestyle lover? Or are you just looking for tip and tricks for daily life? Lifestyle Bloggers have an answer to all your questions. These beautiful bloggers are making great use of the communication medium to spread their creative knowledge and share their experiences and information with people. 

5 Indian Lifestyle Bloggers You Should Follow for Tips  

All She Needs 

This Blog belongs to Debasree Banerjee. The main sections in her blog are Lifestyle, Beauty and fashion. She started blogging from 2012. 

Vanity No Apologies

This blog belongs to Anshita Juneja. The main sections in her blog are Lifestyle, beauty and fashion. She started blogging from 2010.

Anamika Mishra

This blog belongs to Anamika Mishra. The main sections in her blogs are Lifestyle, food, travel, review and beauty. She started blogging from 2011. 

 Gia Says That

This blog belongs to Gia Kashyap. The main sections in her blogs are fashion, DIY, travel, lifestyle, food and beauty. She started blogging from 2010. 

The Splendid Lifestyle

This blog belongs to Apsara Mishra. The main sections in her blogs are lifestyle, travel, food, review and beauty. She started blogging from 2012.

These are blogs which I think you must follow to get good tips on lifestyle. Above bloggers are good influencers too. Follow them today and give your views here about their blogging.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Horlicks Growth Plus Is a Wonder Drink For Growing Kids - #CatchUpOnGrowth

Hey readers!

Did you know that maximum development of your kid’s brain occurs by the age of 5 years. It might be a definite cause of worry if your child is not gaining appropriate height, weight and other developmental milestones, at the right time. Sometimes, it is due to certain vitamin or mineral deficiencies or certain other nutritional malpractices and unhealthy lifestyle. It is very important that parents recognize the signs of delayed growth and development so as to take the necessary steps accordingly. See your pediatrician every six months to ensure that your child is not suffering from any

Friday, June 3, 2016

#Redi-GO - Truly Fun. Freedom. Confidence Car

Datsun motors is all set to buzz the Indian markets with it's new car redi-Go. This one happens to be the third car in the series after GO and GO2. All the three cars have certain similarities as well as dis-similarities. Redi-Go was unveiled during the auto-expo show during the year,2014. Datsun promises to offer an upmarket exterior as well as exterior with redi-Go.I always have a curiosity for trying out my driving skills at different kinds of cars. The Redi-Go looks quite a comfy car to drive in considering, we are a small family.

Redi-GO looks like a smart pick to me because of the following three urban driving blues !!


I guess present generation always gives some weight-age to the overall appearance of the car and especially, boys nowadays like cars that have a sporty look, somewhat inspired by SUVs as compared to the classic sedans.

Redi-GO from Datsun has a very futuristic design that will appeal to the contemporary youth.For once, the Chrome finish metallic sheen in all the colour variants that are available is a big plus factor.Also, the aeromechanical lines that can be seen on the side-profile of the car and continue to the boot space and then cross over to the other side are a rather quirky incorporation in the design of the car.Redi-GO has body coloured bumpers that beautifully fit in with the design. It is a classic hatchback with tail lights that have been side-swept and wide flared wheels. The boot space is good enough. From the front, redigo offers a sporty look all thanks to it's hexagonal grille and chiseled bumpers.The angular headlamps look spectacular,too.


Coming to the interiors of this car, the wise use of Beige colour for the dash-board and the glove-box is commendable as it gives a chic and clean look to the car. The centre has controls for air-conditioner,AUX/USB,Stereo etc. The speedometer has a wide dial. If we talk about the space, then front seats have enough room for head and legs. The back seats can comfortably accommodate two people but the third one, if at all, has to squeeze in.No luxury features have been incorporated, which is okay considering the fact that price range falls in a very affordable category.You have an option of front power-windows, depending upon the exact model you pick.


So, it is basically a car for the family of 4.The price range falls in the category of 2.5 to 4 lakhs nearly.

For those who really  love driving, this car would be a great buddy as the higher placed driving position and low dasboard helps to give you a fantastic view along with the tapering front window line.It has a 800 cc,three pot 53 bhp motor, in the petrol version. I would love to take Redi-go out for a spin at the Yamuna expressway because it is a fantastic highway to drive on and would give me a fair idea of certain things that matter the most like: pickup, mileage, smoothness while shifting gears, cooling from the air conditioner etc.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun Redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback. So, what are your thoughts about the new Datsun Redi-GO?

Monday, May 23, 2016

How critical illness insurance can help one bounceback from a critical illness?

When choosing a mediclaim, it is also important to consider the factor of critical illnesses. A critical illness not just affects the health but leads to massive expenses that can financially impact the entire family. A critical illness is therefore capable of exhausting your entire lifetime savings thus impacting the future plans of you and your family members.
An illness can affect anyone, even the fittest and the most health conscious person can be affected. Hence, it is important to consider mediclaim and a critical illness policy. Your mediclaim can help you pay a portion of the hospitalisation bills. But the treatment for critical illness is expensive  and sometimes the cost of the medicines may exceed the amount covered by your mediclaim. The amount may not even be considered for specific expenses such as prosthetics, physiotherapy etc. among other treatment requirements. In such cases, you may have to pay from your own pocket.
Buying a critical illness plan can help to overcome such restrictions. This kind of cover provides comprehensive cover against critical illnesses. You either can buy a critical illness plan as a standalone policy or  buy critical illness riders with a life insurance plan. The policy terms and conditions under both are similar. The choice between a standalone policy and a rider depends on one’s needs.
Usually, a standalone policy offers more flexibility in choosing the sum insured and provides higher cover as compared to riders. Also, the limit on sum insured for a rider is usually the same as the base policy.
Below are some differences between the two types of critical illness coverage
1. The Amount of coverage
A standalone policy provides more flexibility to decide the sum insured. However, critical illness rider, cannot exceed the coverage amount of the base policy. Hence, a standalone policy is a better option for people who require a higher amount of coverage.
2. Coverage

Standalone policy provides more coverage for critical ailments than any critical illness rider does.
3. Critical illnesses covered:

Some stand alone policies only cover a single critical illness like cancer whereas most riders cover multiple critical illnesses. However, there are stand alone plans which cover multiple critical illnesses like Edelweiss Tokio Life – CritiCare+ and Bharti Axa General insurance

4. Multi claim feature:

Most critical illness riders don’t have a multi claim option. Stand alone critical illness insurance plans like Edelweiss Tokio Life – CritiCare+ provide a multiclaim feature under which a policyholder can claim thrice.

Now that you are aware about the importance of a critical illness insurance plan, take an informed decision to secure yourself so that you can bounceback from a critical illness.