Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Must know Skin Care tips

Must know  Skin Care tips
Must know  Skin Care tips
Beauty & health are essential for happiness. But in today's environment, many factors like pollution, stress & tensions etc. lead to problems like hair loss, early skin ageing, pigmentation, wrinkles etc. It’s nearly impossible to escape these hazardous factors or keep away from the above skin & hair related problems. But it’s possible to get it treated. At our skin & hair care center we provide you the best suited treatment. By means of homeopathy, trichology and advanced technology we treat all minor to major skin & hair related problems.

With a perfect combination of elite skin care products and a healthy diet plan suggested by our nutritionists, we help you heal your skin. If this basic step works on your skin, it creates a marvel, if not then further we provide our homeopathic remedies, to eradicate your skin related problem from the root itself. Homeopathy is the best one to treat acne. The medicines remove the eruptions after some period of  time, prevent further outbreaks of your skin and gradually give a healthy look to the skin. Since the hormonal levels play an important role in causing acne, hence the cane eruptions don’t vanish in a single treatment, we need to take constant follow up and treat it as per the nature of the acne, the acne eruptions vary in intensity and severity during the treatment. Nevertheless, with continued and regular medication, even the most severe cases can be controlled.

One thing which always makes the patients worry is the side effect of medicines. So here we assure you that our treatment is completely safe and gentle on your skin and has no side-effects at all, hence these medicines can be continued for a span of months or years without any worries. When a patient comes for skin related issues, we make sure we not only cure their existing skin problem, but also revive their skin and give them a healthy & refreshing skin.

Our skin is the true reflection of our internal health, With our growing age our skin develops different concerns at different age , like pimples or acne, dark patches or pigmentation etc. We help you get rid of those ugly blemishes and make your skin smoother and radiant. Hormonal disorders, the ageing process and hereditary factors result into skin discolorations and patchy pigmentation. UV rays and over exposure to pollution & sun rays also cause patchy skin, skin burns & dark circles due to stress or by spending long hours in front of TV or Computer. We help you regain the original beauty of your skin by our treatment & make you feel and appear absolutely beautiful.

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