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Fitness, Makeup And Beauty Secrets of European Women

Secrets of European Women
Recently visited to Europe over there I met a pretty European lady who was very beautiful. I must say European lady are very graceful and possess a charm in them. The beauty of European lady has been adorned in poem, songs and in many stories from many centuries. It was their mania for a curves and narrow waists that take on women to adopt corset. It’s said that in ancient time’s European women has painted their face with mercury so that they look beautiful.
Today in this post will share with you some European beauty and makeup secrets which I will reveal: 

European Beauty and makeup secrets:

Daily night they sleep for around 8 to 10 hours as this is the main reason behind their beautiful and supple skin. European women believe that having a pleasant sleep would vanish stress from their mind and will give you a fresh look and glowing face.

In daily routine they include cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

For soft and glowing skin they think water is very important. Water is natural remedy for their flawless skin.  European women drinks good amount of water daily.

European women are very conscious about their skin care and does good facial once in a while. In European facial they include cleansing, peek off mask, face and neck massage and a toning. They go for around 1.5 hour’s beauty treatment.

The major beauty secret of European women is aromatherapy. According to them it’s alluring, restful and very detoxifying which results to hydrated, supple and beautiful skin. It also results to bright complexion.
These were beauty and makeup secret of European lady. Now I shall reveal some diet and fitness secrets of these gorgeous ladies. 
Secrets of European Women
European diet and fitness secrets:

European women moderately intake probiotic drinks. These drinks provides you good bacteria which are surely good for you but do you know that from long time it has been embraced by European ladies.

The best part of European is going to a sauna bath or going to a steam room daily. It is very important to stay away from all the impurities, dirt and pollution as it may lead to cold and flu.

European loves to drink tea. Many European ladies drink tea instead of water. As water helps in hydration and even tea does the same. When a cup of herbal tea is consumed ohh its best than a water. Green tea helps in protecting against heart diseases and cancer.

European women stay away from packaged foods. In other parts of world many people prefers eating a packaged food instead of fresh and whole foods. 

So friends these were some top makeup, beauty and fitness tips of European women which are very easy and simple.  So include in your daily routine. Surely it will benefit you.
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