Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How To Get Rid Of Flabby Arms At Home

Exercise for flabby arms at home
Staying active and fit during this era of machines and computers is extremely necessary and important. This generation is all about the easy way to do the work. Hand wash is replaced by a washing machine and hand wash utensil is replaced by a dishwasher due to all these machines we all had become lazier day by day. It’s very hard to get flab body as we don’t do any weight exercises. Are you to getting flabby arms?

In our city we can get many fitness centers which help us to stay fit and trim. But many times going to these fitness centers are not possible. But we want fab body so we start doing dieting. Do you know, only dieting does not work till you do an exercise?

Here in this post will share with you some best home based exercises for flabby arms:

Exercises for Flabby Arms are as follow:

The Windmill:
Exercise for flabby arms at home

You need to raise your arms in front till your shoulder level and parallel to the ground. Now towards upward raise your hand and rotate it down and backwards and then in front in a 360 degree motion for 20 times forward and then 20 times backward.

Benefits: When you do rotation your shoulder and upper arms build strength. Even your biceps and triceps also tones in this sessions.

The wave Goodbye:
Exercise for flabby arms at home

You need to raise your arms at your shoulder level at your sides. Try to wave your hand like you are saying good bye. Do not move your arms keep them still. You need to only move your palms. You need to do these exercises in a speed. Wave your hands like you wave 100 times in a minutes. You can increase the speed of exercise. You need to do 3 sets of 100 waves in a day.

Benefits: This exercise will give you a twisting motion to your arms as many times as your wave. This exercise helps you to stretch your wrist and shoulders and helps to tone entire arms.

The prayer Pose:
Exercise for flabby arms at home

Like you are praying join your hands together above your head.

Bring your palms down towards front of your chest. You need to raise your joined hands again and do this process for 30 repetitions.

Benefits: Your triceps get engaged when you join your hands. 

When you move your hand downward and upward your biceps get engaged. Your upper arms will also be toned.

Arm stretches:
Exercise for flabby arms at home

Above your head raise your hands. With your left hands hold your right wrist and vice versa. By this your hands will be interlocked. Now pull your right hand with your wrist towards upward so that your elbows fall behind your head. 

Now same processes do with another hand and repeat this process for at least 20 repetitions of 2 sets each.

Benefits: When hands are interlocked your triceps get engaged. By pulling in opposite direction your triceps get engaged and toned. 

All above exercises are great to shape your flabby hands fat and get gorgeous arms.

Do these exercises to get perfect arms so that you can wear sleeveless dress.

In these exercises only your hands and arms are involved so you can do these exercises anytime and anywhere. 

Take time from your work and do these simple and easy exercises and get sexy arms.
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