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Best Deodorant brands for Men

Best Deodorant brands for Men
Deodorant is not only used to fight body odor but it is also used to boost self confidence. Deodorant helps to absorb sweat and keeps your skin moisturized and keep you odor free throughout the day.
There are many deodorants available for men in market. But very few are those which have good sales and loved by all. 
Below are best deodorant brands for men:

Axe – Phoenix Deodorant Body Spray

Best Deodorant brands for Men

This is one of the best selling deodorant spray for men. It has sporty and traditional fragrance which helps to have long lasting fragrance. Few fragrances are geranium, lavender and citrus which give you fruity, classic and fresh protection on hot spots like neck, chest and underarms.

This deodorant has powerful and seducing rush which attracts opposite sexes. It improves self confidence and has dynamic long lasting fragrances.

Nike – Original Men Deodorant Spray

Best Deodorant brands for Men

This deodorant is from famous house Nike. This deodorant can be used in any occasion. It has anti perspiration fragrance which seduces and teases your soul. This deodorant had long lasting and unique fragrance. It helps to moisturize your body odor and keep you intense appealing.

Park Avenue – Good Morning Deo Spray

Best Deodorant brands for Men

This deodorant is from brand Park Avenue and has soothing long lasting fragrance. It is sensual and spicy. It prevents from body odor and gives you sheer hike and increases your confidence level.

It will keep your fresh for all day and is excellent blend of sensual and spicy accords. It has international fragrances.

Wild stone body deodorant aqua fresh

Best Deodorant brands for Men

It is deodorant from wild stone and is one of the most distributed and marketed deodorant for men. It invigorates and protects your skin. It keeps you energetic all day long.

Garnier – Men Mineral Deodorant

Best Deodorant brands for Men

This deodorant has an antiperspirant element. It is from the house of Garnier. It contains extract of mineralite which helps to keep your skin moisturized for 8 hours. It helps your skin to breathe and gives you cooling sensation which not only keeps you fresh for 48 hours but helps to feel you youthful. 

Playboy Vegas Deodorant Spray

Best Deodorant brands for Men

This Deodorant is from the house of playboy which comprises of a mixture of fragrance like apple, lavender, basil, geranium, musk, georgywood, jasmine, tonka, tea, vanilla etc. 

Reebok - Reecharge deodorant spray

Best Deodorant brands for Men

It is from the house of Reebok. It is known for its refreshing and long lasting fragrance. It contains natural extracts. It is highly distributed deodorant. It has perfect combination of mint, fresh grass, musk and eucalyptus.

Nivea – Fresh active original deodorant Spray

Best Deodorant brands for Men

It is from the house of nivea and is very famous deodorant which is enriched with goodness of refreshing extract and keeps it enriched all day long. It keeps your mood revitalized and fresh.

These were some of the best deodorant brand.

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