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10 amazing Diwali Gifts for Family & Friends

10 amazing Diwali gifts for family & friends

Diwali has been a revered cultural-religious icon of the pious land of India. Our generations have beautifully carried forward the cherished customs associated with this festival and have also successfully kept the values lighted up! Marked by great fervor and fanfare throughout India and among the NRI/PIO community around the world, we live the occasion by lighting up our home ambiences and fa├žade and wishing prosperities to our loved ones in the family and society.
Gifting is an essential adjunct of Diwali wishes and the markets of age are brimming with exclusive pleasantries, gifts and souvenirs.

While most people remain busy sorting out the best gifting icons, let’s take a look at 10 most amazing Diwali gifts for family and friends.

Sweets – sweets are really intrinsic to Diwali and mark the fervor of prosperity that abounds! For that same reason we find sweets’ shops abuzz with customers throughout the grand celebration that spans 5 days. Today, most of the sweet shops have well crafted and specially prepared sweet boxes for the purpose of gifting. Beautifully arranged colorful sweets, especially Kaju Katri have emerged as the gifting norm in India. You just can’t shy away from this delicious gifting option!

Dry fruits – dry fruits are prosperity defined in true sense. Since ages, dry fruits like cashew (Kaju) and almonds (badaam) have been regarded as icons of prosperous households in India. We still cherish those customs in high regards and therefore dry fruits are one of the most sought after Diwali gifting choices. With exclusive and customized packaging these have become one of the amazing Diwali gifts. 

Gold/silver – a really valuable gift that never looses its value rather contributes to your prosperous future! The market is full of novelties made out of bullion and these have significantly replaced the traditional coins that were seen in the yester years. Beautifully crafted Laxmi Ganesh in silver are highly popular as also fine silver currency note replicas! Silver diyas are considered auspicious as also amazing gifting icon. 

10 amazing Diwali gifts for family & friends

Fancy lighting – the lighting up of home during Diwali has seen great interventions. Every year we find some novelties with fine attributes that are new and unique. You can spring a surprise by gifting such packaged fancy lights that are also economical!

Artificial flowers and bouquets – these are beautiful gifting icons that amaze the host. We find some really exotic replicas that even have long lasting fragrance. 

Fancy candles – something really intrinsic to Diwali! Have a look at some modern age candles’ options like the scented ones, flotillas, gel candles and other designer ones. 

Puja thali – a true religious touch and a perfect family gift for Diwali occasion. People settled abroad often prefer beautifully arranged puja thalis as one of the popular Diwali gifts to India settled relatives! 

Handicrafts – handicrafts differ from region to region but you should look out for some uncommon handicraft like bamboo of the North East India, pearl items of Hyderabad and wood work of Banaras and brass art of Moradabad among others. Sandalwood laughing Buddha is also a popular choice!

Books of spirituality! – These are the rare choice but the amaze the host when they are gifted with ancient chronicles like Ramayana, Gita or the like!

Dinner and shopping coupons – something new as a gift for here you get the choices served and you/your family can have fanciful shopping or dinner served in any restaurant. Many restaurants sell coupons during Diwali!

These were some of the amazing Diwali gifting choices for the family and friends and the markets and service providers are busy in experimenting new ideas for you. Always have a close watch on them and then decide with passion.
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