Saturday, January 24, 2015

5 Best Ways To Give Yourself a Mini-Makeover

Many girls loves to stay in our comfort zones. I am one of them, but we must come out of cocoon and should discover something new.
Friends here are 5 ways to give yourself a mini makeover:

Change you hair style:

I know its very simple but it will definitely make huge difference to your face. For some girls side parted hair goes wonder while for others middle parted is more flattering. Even you can opt for non parted, isn’t it sounds cool? From my experience i used to have middle parted hair and that used to suit my face but when i tried side parted it suited my face friends. 

Line your eyes:

Applying eyeliner also enhance the shape of your eyes. The way of applying eyeliner matters a lot. You can also apply kajal or kohl on your waterline but you can also switch to upper eyelids. So friends experience with your eyes and make yourself look different.

Wonder Wardrobe:

It make be time consuming to change your entire wardrobe but why don’t you start with small? If you wish to change your style then try to purchase new cloths with different style. You can also buy floral dress. Never overboard yourself, just buy what you like. 

Bang it:

I tried this so can say that bang can change your face. So go to your hairstylist and try bangs on your hair.

Smell good:

Women must smell good and using perfume is something what all girls love to have. Buy yourself new perfume and make yourself look good.

These are 5 ways to give yourself instant mini makeover. Friends try out and click photo of yours and send it back to us.

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