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How To Do Makeup For Office Meetings?

How to do makeup for office meetings
We all would love to look more prettier than we actually are. No, we aren't heroines, yet we wouldn't leave any stone unturned to get that look. Makeup is the most important part of a woman's life and it should also be as we are born to look beautiful.
I am sure all the women would agree with me. Being presentable is the need of the hour and this is one reason for the boom of Image Consultancies. Meetings, conferences and seminars have become part of our professional life and we must be up to the mark not only mentally but also physically. Your body language and etiquette matters a lot along with physical appearance. A shabby and untidy look is never encouraged for a meeting. We cannot change our small eyes to big ones, or thatched nose to sharp one or thin lips to a pout. However, we can always try to hide it behind our make up. Here is how you can makeup for office meetings:


This is the most important part of our body and is exposed to public. Our face defines our personality. Wash your face with a mild face wash. You can also use a cleanser. Apply cleanser on your face and wipe it off completely after 5 minutes. All the dirt and impurities will be removed immediately. Pat dry it and apply a toner with a cotton ball. Allow it to settle. The toner will help you to get an even tone. You can also use rose water if you do not want your base to be chemical free. Apply a moisturizer over face and neck.

Take a foundation primer of a shade lighter than your skin color and apply it across your face and neck. Ensure that your neck and face color doesn't mismatch. If you have blemishes, hide it with a concealer. Cover your nose, jaw lines and under eye area. Apply few dots on face and spread it evenly. Apply compact powder over it and just dab it. Let your makeup so far be the same across face and neck. Take a bronzer and use a brush to apply on your cheeks to make your face look slimmer. Do not make it shiny as it will ruin your purpose of makeup. You are almost done for your office meeting.


Do not ignore your eyes as they reflect your moods. Apply a concealer under your eyes to cover the dark circles as instructed earlier. Just apply a dot and dab it slowly. Do not be harsh on the delicate skin. Take a kohl and apply on the inner eyes. Start from the inner side to the outer side. You can give any shape depending on the type of meeting that you are going to attend. Prefer a black colour kohl rather than colourful ones. Take a liquid eyeliner and apply on your eyes. It should also be applied from te inner side to the outer side. 

Allow it to dry, do not open your eyes immediately as it might smudge. Take a black pencil and just darken your eyebrows. Next is the time for Mascara. Take the mascara brush and apply on your upper eyelids. Just roll it and ensure the lids are completely covered with Mascara. Follow the same procedure for the lower eyelids as well. Let them dry. Take a nude eyeshadow and just apply on the eyes using your fingers. You can also use a brush. Avoid loud colours for official meetings. Avoid smoky eyes as well. Let your eyes look attractive and fresh.


Your lips also define your personality. Take a lip balm and spread on your lips. Do not apply the lipstick directly on your lips. Moisten your lips either with a vaseline or a lip balm. This allows the lipstick to stay for a longer time. Take a lip liner which is darker than your lipstick colour so that your lipstick looks prompt. Make an outline of your lips. Do not make it too thick or thin, but it should be dark enough. Now, apply the lipstick evenly. 

You can go with a pink or any nude colours. Remember, you are going for an official meeting and not an evening party. Let the lipstick be evenly applied. Take a cotton ball and wipe off the extra lipstick that has crossed your lip line. You can choose matte or crème finish depending on your choice. Finish it by applying a transparent gloss. It will give you an attractive look.

Hope this article had been useful to you. Do look presentable by following the above steps. Please remove the makeup before hitting your bed. Gift yourself a chemical free face before you retire for the day.

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