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How To Make Vegetable Salad

How to make vegetable salad
Salads are always healthy and beneficial to health. It tastes yum if prepared well and are dressed well. It is essential for everybody to include vegetable salads in their regular diet. They are a great way to provide the necessary supplement required by the body as they are nutritious and freshly prepared. We need energy to work continuously and what better than eating salads.There are ample ways to make vegetable salad. However, if you are unsure, do follow the below recipe:


Lettuce leaves
Grated cheese
Pomegranate seeds
Black Pepper Powder
Olive Oil
Lemon juice
Fruit jam or jelly


Take the lettuce and wash it completely so that there is no dirt left. Chop the other vegetables as well and wash them completely. Do not add tomatoes in the beginning. Take a pomegranate and extract the seed out of it. You can have onions as optional as few don't prefer it. Cucumbers are always a part of salads and hence you can't afford to exclude it. Place all the chopped vegetables in a container and sprinkle little salt over it. Add few drops of olive oil to it. Add the grated cheese in the vegetable salad. Sprinkle black pepper over it. Blend it nicely. Add walnuts or pistachios or cashew-nuts to your salad as nuts are the greatest source of energy. You can chop the almonds and also add it as they are the healthiest among the nuts family.

Dressing is very important when we mention about salad vegetables. As mentioned, salt, black pepper and olive oil is already added to the salad. For a perfect dressing, oil, acid and seasonings are very essential. Add few drops of fresh lemon juice to the salad. If you do not have lemon, you can also add few drops of vinegar to it as both are acidic in nature and both serves the same purpose. You can add plain vinegar or the flavored ones. Citrus fruit juices such as orange juice, grape fruit can also be added. Add the fruit jam or jelly to the freshly made vegetable salad.


Salads are a healthy of fulfilling the body's requirement. Our body is the greatest machine which functions continuously and thus we need to feed them with irons, minerals, vitamins and other necessary components. Salads are easy to make at home and are easily digestible. They are also available in most of the restaurants and food joints like Sub Way have made salads as their main business mantra. The unhealthy lifestyle and inorganic food that we consume everyday doesn't fulfill our needs on regular basis, hence green and fruits must be a part of our diet every day. You can add it to your lunch or diet as many Indian families prefer it or else you can just use it as a snack or munching option.

Hope you liked the recipe, do try and share your experience with us.

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