Friday, March 20, 2015

How To Make Big Nose Look Smaller

How To Make Big Nose Look Smaller
Being concerned about shape and size of your nose is absolutely fine. Everyone wants to look beautiful. I am not saying that if you have big nose, you don’t look beautiful. Its totally cool to have big nose. I mean god have never created anything which looks early, and we people are the best creation of god, how can we say that we look ugly??? Well you can say that you want to have a smaller nose instead, but this doesn’t mean that the bigger one look ugly.

These are few steps which can help you to make bigger nose look small.

Drawing attention away from nose - you have to do this especially when you have oily nose. You can use facial cleanser and loose powder to keep it clean and oil free. Oil reflects light which makes your nose look much bigger.

Draw attention to your eyes - eyes are the most imp feature of your face. People saw your eyes at the first and then any other part of your face, so try to highlight your eyes with perfect blend of eye shadow and mascara.

Accentuate your lips - Try to use vibrant colours which will help you to focus more on your lips than the nose. If you have beautiful bright red lips, then who will get time to see your nose?

Get a haircut - try to part your hair on the side of your shoulder his will help you a lot. It draws the maximum attention away from the nose.

Add volume to your hairstyle - If you don’t have thick hair then you should try to add volume to your hair by using different techniques offered by many salons. This will give your hair  abouncy look which in turn draws the attention away from the nose.

Perfect glasses - see if you wear glass then do remember that glasses draws attention towards your nose, so try to opt for less bulky and rimless glasses.

Selection of foundation - you have to use 2, 3 shades of foundation. One nearest to your complexion and two up and down of your skin tone. The darker shade when applied at the edges of the cheeks and nose, gives you a slimmer look. And the lighter shade when used to highlight the nose give you super sleek looking nose. 

So use your makeup well to have a desired look.

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