Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Myntra: Now Exclusively On Mobile App

Myntra:  Now Exclusively On Mobile App

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I am 26 Year old working lady and If I ask any random person from my Generation regarding a list of articles without which, they would not dare to step out of home,
I am quite sure that a smart phone ( & It's charger, of-course :p ) Would top the list. Agree? This is because, no matter how much we criticize technology, one cannot simply deny that smart phones have become a part and parcel of our lives...

In a busy generation like ours, where everybody is too caught up juggling between their personal, professional and family roles, a smart phone provides an easy and convenient way to reach out the world. That is exactly the reason why Watsapp, Skype, Facetime and Online shopping sites are making big money. While online shopping sites can be accessed and were in fact, initially made to be operated on personal computers and laptops, For reasons mentioned above, it made perfect sense to mobile optimize these online shopping sites and introduce them in mobile application, versions.

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Myntra.com was one of the initial few trend setters in India when it came to online shopping for clothes, foot wears and fashion accessories. They had successfully launched their mobile app. too. sometime back and are now available, exclusively in the mobile app. format. Smart move, we must say.

Any given day, youngsters prefer to shop through the mobile app for more reasons than one. To mention a few, first and foremost, it is sensible to access, the site through the app as it happens to be way more easier as you do not have to type in the address bar of your browser and then wait for the site to load. You get to enjoy quick rather instant access to all the top brands like: Mango, Puma, Jack & Jones etc available on myntra.com. Also, it us a lot easier to browse through the various brands and products and the checkout process is a lot more convenient, too since the myntra app. Interface is very easy to use and user friendly. You get daily notifications regarding top deals of the day and special discounts that might be running on a particular day so, you can surely save some big bucks, out there with the myntra mobile shopping app. In your mobile. Easy exchanges and returns are just a tap away with the myntra mobile app. If you are not sure how to wear a pair of trousers, you just ordered stylishly or what kind of makeup or shoes would look good in you, go visit the app. Section for recommended looks and outfits. So, you can also boost your quotient, somewhat!! Now, people there is seriously nothing more you can ask for from this app. So, do click on your playstore right away and download this mobile app from myntra without giving a second thought. What else can I say.. Ummm.. 

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Stay stylish, save money and shop till you drop!!


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