Thursday, August 6, 2015

Airtel Launches 4G In India

airtel 4G

Hey all, 

If I ask you about a list of 5 thing, you would not leave your home without..I am pretty sure, one of them would definitely be a smartphone!! but then what would would a smart phone be without a good, speedy internet connection? Imagine having an I phone 6 plus with achingly slow internet speeds.. frustrating is not it? I remember reading a post on facebook that said..

" If you want to judge somebody's true nature, had them over a phone with a slow net connection"

Funny but true.. let us accept guys, technology has taken over and many of us are actually even getting a lot of work done, on the go through our smartphones, tablets and Ipads, speed is the need of the hour. You need to submit a project by the end of the day and your internet ditches you? What to do? Well,we have a good news!! Airtel has officially launched it's 4G internet today with a television commercial and other mass media tools wherein, two girls are competing against each other to decide whose internet network works faster..clearly, Airtel wins. The site bets on the notion that the network speeds of Airtel 4G are unbeatable!!

Watch this commercial on youtube, if you have not already..

Hmmm contemplating that it would seriously mess up with your budget, if you use 4G.. Well, it would not. You are practically getting 4G internet surfing speeds t the cost of 3G with Airtel. Visit for full length details of the various data plans available.

So, what are you waiting for guys? o explore the world of 4G.. All you need is a 4G sim that will be home delivered to you, free of cost by Airtel . You can drop in a request on the website link given above for a brand new 4G sim card. You just need to have an active 3G data plan and you are good to surf your way through the internet at amazingly fast speeds!!


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