Monday, September 7, 2015

Road Trip Hacks to make your time on the Road all the more Memorable and Awesome

Road Trip
Road trips are such a joy when you undertake them friends and family. Stopping enroute to enjoy the local cuisine of road side restaurants, admiring the beauty around and just getting lost in the fun you have with your peers and folks. 

However, a lot of arguments can ensue as to which route to take, where to stop and what all a road trip should entail. With a bit of tweaking you can achieve a great plan for your road trip and make it even more enjoyable. Here are a few hacks perfect for your next road trip:

Don’t Research, Explore!

It is rightly said, the fun is in the journey and not the destination. Don’t research your route too thoroughly. Make prior bookings and research about the weather and right roads but that should be about it. Explore the roads, let it entice and enthral you. If you already know everything about your trip, half the magic dies right there. Let the roads show you something new, keep an open mind and just hit the road without prior knowledge. This will surely keep you more interested and curious!

Make Flexible Plans

So you’re a great planner and you’ve chalked out everything- your first pit stop, your breakfast stop, your lunch stop and so on but what if you’re running behind schedule? Just make a rough plan and change it according to the situations you face on the road. If you’re stuck in traffic, take a detour you hadn’t planned or try out an eating joint you had no idea existed. It’s these unplanned moments that will stay with you forever. Just book a bus/cab using redbus couponsand take things as they come. Stop at new destinations and rediscover everything.

Carry an Actual Map

True, thanks to Google Maps and GPS it’s become easier to navigate routes and you can always rely on it when you’re off track but also carry an actual map to add stick notes to it to cherish the memories as you head into your journey. Add photos to it, relive your adventures and put it up in your room to always have the perfect road trip captured in time on that priceless piece of paper!

Keep it Light

Ok you’ll be away for a week but that doesn’t mean you need to pack away half your wardrobe. Pack lightly because there should always be room to bring back souvenirs of wherever you go on your trip.  Pre book a hotel using goibibo coupons from CashKaro where you can crash and throw your luggage so you can site see and shop during the day. If you can’t bring back memoirs of your road trip you’ll surely regret it so remember, that you’ll be coming back with extra luggage and pack accordingly. 

Road Trip Games

We’re all familiar with Ted’s road game “Zitch Dog” as well as all the fun and trippy games Sheldon puts Leonard and Penny through when he’s on the road. You can relive the fun by being creative and inventing your own games as you go. These moments will surely be priceless and you’ll have laugh riot on the way. It’ll be a trip worth remembering!

These tips will surely help you make your road trip all the more memorable and enjoyable. Just go with the flow and take the road less travelled- literally and figuratively. The fun surely lies in the company and the journey irrespective of your destination so make the best of it!


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