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50 Useful iPad Tips and Tricks

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Now that you’re a proud owner of an iPad, you might as well learn some tips and tricks that’ll make your experience whole lot of better. So, mentioned below are some basic and some really useful tips that could help you make your iPad even more fun.

50 useful iPad Tips and Tricks

Take a screenshot

Press the power button and the home button at the same instant and take a screen shot of anything you like.

Hide your app purchases

Open the App Store, from featured, select the purchased list and find the app that you want to hide, swipe left or right over the app and a small red button would appear saying Hide, select that option. To bring it back, sign in with your Apple id and tap on hidden purchases.

Recent Apps

If you want to jump on to another app without exiting the first one, just swipe up with your four fingers and all your recent apps would come up.

Adjust text size

Just head over to settings, then select Display and Brightness and find Text Size; slide to select the desired text size and you’re done.

Split the Keyboard

Place your thumb in the lower middle of the keyboard and swipe them apart and then your keyboard with stay like that. To bring it back together, keep your each thumb on the corners, only this time swipe them towards each other and it’ll be back to its original form.

Do Not Disturb

This will simply enable you to silence all the alerts and facetime calls. Go to settings, then Do Not Disturb, and then tap on Manual to enable it.

Easy Typing

Head over to settings, then general and move to Keyboard. You’ll find multiple options such as auto correction, caps lock, “.” Shortcut etc. Just tap on them to enable any options you want.

Undo Typing

Just shake your iPad once left and once back and an option will pop up saying Undo Typing, tap on Undo to delete the recently typed text.

Swipe Messages

Swipe on a message to the right to mark it as Read or Unread. Swipe on it t the left to delete it, or archive it or any other option.

Manage apps

Tap and Hold on an app, once the apps start jiggling, move an app on top of another app. Name it as a folder pops up.

Leave a conversation

If there’s any conversation on your messages that you want to leave or mute, simply tap on it and tap on details, the select Do Not Disturb.

Ask Siri

Ask Siri “What song is this?” and she’ll help you.

Web search

If you want to make a web search, just ask Siri and she’ll do that for you.

Get Siri to pronounce your name the right way

Tap on the home button to talk to Siri. Now if you want to change the way Siri takes your name just say” That’s not how you pronounce (your name)”.

Caps Lock

Double tap shift key to turn on Caps Lock.


Pinch away with two fingers to zoom.

Picture Perfect

Tap on the screen to focus and adjust light.

Take a Selfie

Click a picture by pressing the Volume Up button.

Twitter & Facebook

Set up the apps and tweet or update from the notifications bar.


Set up your email to get updates faster.

Keep Safe

Go to Settings, General and set passcode to keep your iPad safe.

Buy, not install

Head to Settings, General, and turn off automatic downloads; install the app whenever you want.

Set Fonts

Go to Settings, then Notes and select one of the three fonts.

Get free apps

Sign up andyou’ll receive an email when the app goes free.


Settings, then Brightness and Wallpapers and take your pick from the gallery to change the wallpaper.

Save Battery

If your iPad is dying, just turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi if not needed to save battery.

Turn off Location

Go to Settings, then Privacy and turn off the location services option.

Set a Volume Limit

Head over to Settings, Music and set a volume limit.


There’s a ringer button just above the volume buttons. Slide it to one side to turn the ringer off.

Spotlight search

Flick right on home screen or press the home button to access Spotlight search both iPod and contacts effectively.

Redefine Home button

Go to Settings, then general and then Home and then redefine the action to double clicking home button.

Texting Suggestions

When you’re typing a word, stop and press the space bar to select the suggestion provided.


Settings, Safari and Autofill and the select Use Contact Info. Save time while filling up online forms.

Night Reading

While reading a book, dim the brightness from the settings.

Orientation Lock

Get a better hold on your iPad by putting an orientation lock provided at the bottom tray


Take charge while video chatting by just holding and dragging on the picture in picture window anywhere on the screen.

Cover your tracks

Head over to settings, then safari and then click on clear history to delete all the recent net browsing history.

Find text on a page

While surfing internet, type a text on the Google search bar and select the option on this page from the list of suggestions.

Magnifying Glass

When you’re writing a long text, tap and hold on the text, a magnifying glass will appear, and then check for any mistakes.

Turn Off Notifications 

Head over to Settings, Notifications and choose which notification you want to turn off or keep.

Turn off Wi-Fi Notifications

Go to settings; Wi-Fi and turn off Ask to join Networks.

Multitasking Gestures

Go to Settings, then general, turn on the Multitasking gestures.

Copy & Paste

Tap and hold on a text and select the option copy and do the same action on the space where you’d like to paste the selected text.

Replace a word

Tap and hold on a word, several options will appear and from there, select Replace and tap on the word that you’d like to use.

Wireless Keyboard

For long typing, use any Apple Wireless Keyboard.

Night Charging

It takes good 4-5 hour duration to charge, so charging it overnight is a good option.

Home Screen

You can use any one of the 11 home screens available and drag all your apps to the right side of the home screen and use it in landscape mode.


Instead of using iBooks, get kindle reader for a better experience.

Load Facebook faster

While using Facebook app, shake the iPad to load it faster.

Bookmark a webpage to your home screen

If you visit a webpage frequently, then tap the “+” icon and select option Add to Home screen.


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