Friday, February 12, 2016

My Memorable Valentine's day story - #IGPValentinesDay

Valentine Day


In every woman, resides that chirpy girl who is a die hard romantic and likes being pampered with lots of love and surprises. It feels like the best thing in the world when our significant others go an extra mile in order to make us feel cherished.Valentine's day seems like a perfect day to celebrate the love in our life as the whole environment somehow feels conductive of romance and display of affection!! Last to last year, around the time of Valentine's day my husband was away from home for some business tour. So, the only way we had to actually see each other was through video chat. He kept busy most of the day due to work and we used to get time to chat around evenings only.

My Memorable Valentine's day story - #IGPValentinesDay

He loves homemade food so, I had sent over some homemade cake, sweets and cookies along with a Silken tie for him as a gift for Valentine's without expecting anything back in return since, I understood that he was pretty much preoccupied in all the traveling and conferences.To my utter surprise, my Valentine's morning began with a guy from Ferns and petals holing up a beautiful bouquet for me with all the lovely Roses and Orchids in it. There was a box of my favorite Ferrero Rocher along. What better start to a Valentine's day. Then again, around an hour later a parcel from Amazon arrived.The parcel had a pair of running shoes from Reebok that I had been eyeing for sometime but could not really muster the heart to buy as they were a whooping 16000 bucks. Soon after I received the parcel, I got an e card from my husband that said, "Do not always give up on what you want for the sake of others." That was really sweet though, Shoes are not exactly a romantic gift but they do mean a lot to me since, I like jogging around the block with some good music, early mornings, it does give me lots of energy to maintain a balance in life, personally and professionally. Then around 7 in evening, when we finally had some time to sit down and talk  on skype, he had ordered my favourite food from a restaurant that arrived just in time. We lit some candles in front of our laptops and had our dinner together.

Though, nothing can beat the real experience of sitting right next to your partner, this was pretty comforting too. After a long telephonic conversation that followed, our Valentine's day happened to be a really special one, at home, long-distance but special none the less.We should never take each other for granted and make conscious efforts to revive the love and warmth in our relationship.It is these little things that might actually occupy a big place in somebody's heart.Love is all about sharing, caring and being there so, this Valentine's and every day after that make your partner feel special and well taken care of.


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