Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Rise and popularity of online medical stores in India

When you shift to a new location, along with the locality, amenities in the building or apartment, you also look whether you have easy access to important necessities like public transport, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, medicine home delivery near you, etc. Having medical stores and good hospitals near the vicinity always helps since you would definitely require their services when there is an emergency situation7.
However, there have been many instances where people have purchased counterfeit drugs since they did not have complete information about the drug/brand and this might happen when you are purchasing the medicines from a non-branded pharmacy. 

Rise and popularity of online medical stores in India
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As per a report, close to 25% of the medicines sold in such medical stores are either of sub-standard quality or they are completely fake [Source]. Also, there is a possibility that you need some medicines, but those medicines are not available with the medical stores in your locality. Many companies are trying to counter the 'fake drug problem' and 'ease medicine/drug delivery problem', so that consumers can get quality medicines round the clock, delivered at their doorstep.

With the explosion of online commerce (e-commerce), rising internet penetration, support from the government on the formation of favorable laws for e-pharmacies/online pharmacy sector, etc.;online medical shopping is becoming more main-stream. There are many advantages if you purchase medicines from a trusted online pharmacy like WellnessForever which is an online medicine shop in India. Some of the advantages are listed below

1. Genuine Medicines at great prices-There are many medicines that you might not find in physical medical stores, but chances are very high that you would find the medicine from an online store since they have an exceptional distribution network and a deeper understanding about customer’s needs. Buying medicines or other medical items from a store like Wellness Forever is not only safe but also convenient since you get genuine medicines at a discounted price.

2. Quick doorstep delivery- Many online medical stores in India follow a hybrid model (Online + Offline) for shipping. They can deliver medicines from their own stores if they have a presence in the customer’s locality in order to provide fast delivery or they ship the medicine or any other medical item in a discrete packaging.There are many medicines that can only be purchased with a valid prescription and online pharmacies follow this rule very diligently so that the customer unknowingly does not consume medicines that (s)he is not supposed to!

3. All items under one hood–Medical pharmacies that only have physical presence have limitations on efficient distribution, optimizing pharmacist efficiency, stocking medicines & other items that are in-demand and optimizing their infrastructure to maximize storage of more medicines. There is a high possibility that a customer would be looking for medical equipment, but (s)he might not be able to find it in a medical store. On the other hand, chances of availability of that equipment/premium wellness product/premium baby product are very high when you look at the online medical store. Hence, you can find normal medicines, premium medical equipment’s, wellness products and more under one umbrella.

4. Discrete Packaging for wellness products – Lately, sexual health and wellness products are garnering more attention from citizens, even from tier-2, tier-3 cities. Even if these products are available in a big supermarket/medical store, you might feel a bit embarrassed to buy the product. Online medical stores make shopping for these products very simple since such products are shipped with discrete packaging so that complete privacy is maintained.

5. Last mile delivery and easy returns - Many technology-driven logistics companies are using Machine Learning, Deep Learning, etc. in order to solve the last-mile delivery of medicines and this also applies for medicines that require a prescription. Since the backbone of online pharmacies is ‘Technology’, they have a better understanding of your health and medical requirements. Online shopping is all about easy ‘swift shipping’, ‘Easy returns & refunds’, the same principle applies when you purchase medicines from an online medical store.

Convenience, genuine medicines, and great pricing are some of the major plus-points why more than 60+% of Indians now prefer buying medicines online and this is just the start of good times for consumers &e-pharmacies in India J


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