Saturday, June 14, 2014

Easy Ways and Home Remedies To Treat Pimples

Home Remedies To Treat Pimples
PIMPLES!! eek!! We all hate pimples. Either men or women, no one wants those ugly pimples on their faces. Pimples not only make you feel embarrass but also leave you annoyed. While some individuals are born with oily skin, others could develop pimples with their poor cleanliness habits.
So presenting you with some tips that would help you to keep the pimples at bay.

1- Wash your hands before touching your face. Dirt and bacterium may be simply unfold and cause outbreaks. Home remedies are the safest and best way to treat pimples.

2- Using a face mask may also facilitate. Try to use a mineral clay mask and leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes. A garlic face mask contains antibiotic properties or else you can opt for a fruit-based one.

3- Keeping your hair off your face is essential in order that it remains pimple-free. The hair picks up lots of dirt on a daily basis and may cause bacterium to unfold on the face.

4- Do not ever pinch or squeeze your pimple. This may make them look more worse. It could burst and leaving back a scar on your face. Thus be careful once applying any ointment round the affected space.

5- If attainable avoid using make-up on your face for a number of days until the disease of the skin subsides. Instead cleanse your face a minimum of double on a daily basis with an oil-free cleansing agent and use a scrub likewise. Do not rub too hard, else you may initiate the natural wetness of your skin and cause a lot of damage.

6- Use an ice-cube wrapped in a soft-cotton cloth. Don't rub it. Simple dab it and you'll feel better!!

7- Use an oil-free face wash and face-cream.

8- Avoid eating too much oily food.

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