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Yummy and Healthy Indian Veg Dishes

Yummy and Healthy Indian Veg Dishes
It is really a nice thing if you are a vegetarian. But if not, You have over 100 reasons to become one.
It is said that one who is vegetarian is far more healthy ( in terms of fitness and not fatness ) than a person who is a non-vegetarian. Even being a Vegan is also nice, but being a non-vegetarian is quite not advisable.

Today I am going to discuss the 12 healthy Indian Veg Dishes for you. So, Let the feast begin!!

Buttermilk - It is a thick n tasty dairy drink which can be taken with any dish and is loved by all.
Calorie - 30 calories per glass

Ragi dosa - A popular South Indian dish that is made of ragi.
Calorie  - 87 calories per dosa

Oats idli - It is a South Indian dish taken with hot sambar (South Indian Gravy ).Best way to start your day is to take Idli of oats in breakfast it is light,tasty and healthy.
Calorie - 26 calories per idli

Dal tarka - Every Indian loves the simple dal and chawal. It's a healthy and tasty food.
Calorie  - 118 calories per small bowl

Pappads - You can fry it in hot oil or pop it in a microwave without oil.
Calorie - 52 calories per pappad

Tandoori roti - It is prepared from whole wheat, tandoori roti is baked in a clay oven.
Calorie - 102 calories per tandoori roti

Mixed vegetable curries - The name itself defines the taste and benefits,  but it has to be prepared in one tablespoon of oil.
Calorie - 95 calories for 100gms

Sprouts salad - Sprouts are healthy.take sprouts and add some lime and a pinch of salt and spice and you have a great sprout salad ready.
Calorie - 93 calories per 100gms

Raita -The curds from the raita contains some good enzymes which is good for digestion.
Calorie - 38 calories for a small bowl

Palak paneer - Palak (spinach) is rich in iron and paneer(cottage cheese) is a healthy dairy product. Palak paneer dish is all time favorite among all.
Calorie - 189 calories per bowl

Dhokla - A Gujarati dish, dhokla is a dish made from fermented gram flour.
Calorie - 22 calories

Lemon rice - A healthy dish that does not need spices and oil, just a healthy dose of sour lime.
Calorie- 185 calories

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