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Why To Avoid Eating Egg plant during Pregnancy

For every woman pregnancy is very important and delicate period of her life. It’s very much important for pregnant women to take special and proper care of herself and her baby’s health. Pregnant women should take care of food she eats during pregnancy. Much food would benefit to her baby and many foods may not suit her baby. One of such food which she must avoid during pregnancy is Egg plant which is also known as brinjal.
Egg plant is easily available in market with very affordable rate. Many of us love to eat brinjal. We can cook this vegetable in many ways like curries, pakoda, casseroles, rice and many other dishes. Egg plant contains lots of essential vitamins, minerals and vital nutrients which may give you many health benefits. Some very common health benefits are congestion, get rid of gas from stomach, insomnia, better digestion and malaria.

But in Ayurvedic this vegetable is strictly avoided to eat during pregnancy. Egg plant is food which pregnant lady much avoids eating.

Why to avoid eating brinjal in pregnancy? This would be question in your mind right? Read on the reason to avoid are as follow-

Egg plant contains lots of Phytohormones. These Phytohormones are used in treatment for premenstrual amenorrhea and syndrome. Even it works as diuretics. If consumed daily then brinjal is used to stimulate menses. Thus it is not good during pregnancy.

Egg plants have properties which induce menstruation. Due to this if you eat egg plant than will lead to miscarriage.

Egg plant leads to acidity so its avoided by pregnant women.

These were reasons why egg plant is avoided during pregnancy by ayurvedic. But in our Indian culture eating egg plant is good. If you eat normal brinjal it contains 4.9 gm of dietary fibers, 6.4 mg of vitamins, and 6 gm of iron.

Pregnant lady should take care of herself so that baby to stay healthy. During my pregnancy I ate brinjal but very less.

After all most important is to take care of your baby. Stay fit and healthy with proper diet during pregnancy.

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