Saturday, June 7, 2014

How to Become Taller By Stretching Naturally

Stretching exercise to increase height
It’s dream of every girl and body to have good height. But, if you are not blessed with good height than you become sad. To increase height many people’s tried lots medicines and tonics but those substitutes have lots of side effects and very expensive too.
But do you know there are many ways to increase your height. Naturally increased height does not have any side effects. Even it’s cost-free. One of the natural and effective ways to increase height is stretching exercises.

Various types of stretching exercises you can do to increase your height. These exercises help to expand your muscles and body to boost the tissue present.

Turning Log

Steps to do this exercise are as follow:

On your bed lay down
As much as you can Stretch your arms and legs
With arms and leg try to stretch body till edge of your bed
In your bed roll by turning and twist in all directions
With every twist and turn try to stretch your joints and muscles.

Air Bicycle

Steps to do this exercise are as follow:

On your bed lay down in straight position
Place your hands on your hips
Lift your torso and legs to 90 degrees
In air rotate your legs like you are riding a bicycle
Try to do this exercise for 2 minutes

Chicken wing

Steps to do this exercise are as follow:

On floor lay down in flat position
Lift your left leg upward
Bend your right leg and try to bring your knees near your chin
Now hold your legs tightly in same position with your both hands
For 2 seconds hold your legs and mean while take a deep breath
Now slightly upward lift your head.
Now slightly lift your head
Near neck for 10 seconds lock your knees
Now exhale and slowly release your legs
For 10 to 12 times repeat this exercise.

Tip to toe stretches

Steps to do this exercise are as follow:

With barefoot on the floor, stand up in straight position
Now raise both arms upward
As much as you can try to raise your hands
In that position hold your hands
On raise your toes
Try to stretch as much as you can
Hold your hands for 2 seconds, when you stretch your arms and toes to the highest
Now slowly lower your arms and legs, bring it back to normal position
Repeat this exercise for 15 to 20 times

Touching Toes

Steps to do this exercise are as follow:

Stand in straight position
Then make your leg in inverted V shape
On your torso place your hands
Now try to touch your right toes using left hand without bending your knees
Now you need to bring your left hand on your torso
Rest for 2 seconds and repeat same exercise using right hand and left toe
Repeat this exercise for 10 times.

Above mentioned were simple and easy stretching exercises to increase your height. Do practice and let us know oh yes it would not be miracles but it’s necessary to have dedication and determination.

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