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How to Get Rid of Dark Lips Naturally?

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Every women dream to have soft and pink lips and those lips which can make their boyfriend or hubby die for! A beautiful and baby pink lip makes your smile even more pretty. But pigmentation and dark lips become a constant problem. Excess coffee or tea intake, smoking and sun exposure neglect leads to pigmentation. Many of us use expensive peels and lip scrubs to get rid of those ugly and dark lips.

Read on all the natural things as an answer to how to get rid of dark lips naturally.

Here are some amazing homemade recipe and tips to lighten your dark lips.

Lemon honey lip serum – This is perfect treatment for lips which you can do at home. Today we will share with you the process to remove tan from your lips. Take bowl mix equal part of honey and lemon juice to make your tan removing lip serum. This serum will give you pink color lips as it has citrus extracts and nourish with honey. Apply this serum to your lips and leave this on your lips for half an hour. Wipe off with soft wet cloth. You van this process as much time as you want. You can store this serum in refrigerator for a week.

Glycerin – other than improper maintenance and sun exposure, your lips will be pigmented as it is dry. You can apply glycerin over your lips with the help of cotton ball. You can do this process before going to bed. Glycerin helps in retaining moisture and prevents in drying so it helps to get rid of dark lips.

Drink lots of water – do not depend on topical treatments always. It’s done to take care of health just to achieve flawless lips along with topical applications. You must hydrate your body by drinking 8 to 10 glass of water every day. This helps to keep you away from dehydration which cause dark lips.

Beetroot – Take beetroot and slice them. Store the pieces in refrigerator. Massage your lips with beetroot for 15 minutes. Whenever you are watching your favorite serial or movie take beetroot slice and massage on your lips. This beauty tip will help you in removing tan from your lips naturally.

Observe your lip products – It might be allergic and cheap lip product that results in dark lips. Try not to apply any wholesale lips products and local brands on your lips. To achieve soft tan free lips use a mild herbal lip balm. To remove sun tan and pigmentation use fresh fruits as a lips mask.

Almond oil – Before going to bedtime apply almond oil on your lips to lighten lips so almond oil reduce discoloration.

Cucumber juice – To lighten dark lips you can apply cucumber juice daily. Cucumber juice works magically and provides you soft and pink lips.

Apply these tips to get rid of dark and tanned lips.

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