Wednesday, June 11, 2014

9 Best Tattoo Designs for Kids

Hello Kitty Tattoo
Kids are loveable .they are embodiment of life and innocence. As we grow older, we feel self conscious and feel shy to express our self freely, Many times kids are not aware of yet. Such colour and liveliness is further enhanced when a kid get a tattoo.

Below mentioned are few popular tattoo designs especially for kids.

Hello Kitty Tattoo

In year 1974 Hello kitty was 1st appeared, this character was created by one of the Japanese company. Every second person is aware of Hello Kitty and its character has grown in global market even every second person know about the character. Hello Kitty is female cat with bob tail and with a pink bow. Is very cool and lively idea to have Hello Kitty tattoo. It’s most adorable cartoon character to ink on a child.

Butterfly tattoo

Butterfly tattoo
One can have butterfly tattoos on kids arm. You can have lots of innovation and colour which can be added to the tattoo just to make it look charming and pretty. You can have stars on the wings which can be creative and artistic touch.  Butterfly tattoos are so wonderful tattoo idea as can be explosion of charm and colours.

Winnie the Pooh tattoo

Winnie the pooh tattoo
A yellow cuddly bear who wear red – tee shirt and loves honey very much is no other than Winnie the Pooh. Bear leaves in forest and he is talking bear. He has many animal friends and spends his day with frolic and fun. Every kids love the Winnie. Winnie the Pooh is perfect world where imagination can run wild and he is great iconic character which you can have as a tattoo.

Tweety bird tattoo

Tweety bird tattoo
An animated yellow canary bird from the Loony Tunes cartoon is none other than kid’s favorite Tweety bird. Its name taken from sweetie and it indeed is a very sweet and cute tattoo to have. Tweety has a magnetic and has an energetic quality. It’s bright yellow in colour. Tweety can be great idea to have tattoos for children.

Ariel Tattoo

Ariel tattoo
The lead character in The Little Mermaid is known as Ariel. The Little Mermaid is a fairy tale by famous Hans Christian Andersen. An adorable portrayal of Ariel came into existing in real world when Disney adapted this fairy tale. Ariel is described as a fun loving mermaid with beautiful red hair and has sea green tail. Ariel would be cute idea to have as a tattoo as its symbol of kind nature and carefree.

Bug and Bunny Tattoo

Bugs bunny tattoo
Do you remember the catchphrase reminder – What’s up, doc? From famous loony Tunes Character who used to eat carrots back in fashion.  Depicted long whiskers and pointy ears, Bugs and Bunny are not only adorable in your drawing book but also in skin too.

Mickey and Minnie Tattoo

Mickey n Minnie tattoo
Your kids can have cutest cartoon pair – Mickey and Mini as a tattoo. You can have just outline of cartoon character as a tattoo. Even you can draw their head as a tattoo. To give required perfect effect one can give black ink to execute the tattoo.

Hearts tattoo

Heart tattoo
Hearts are cute and easy. They are best tattoo for teenage children as its symbol of simplicity with pure love. We have 3D effects on heart tattoo and can be filled with colors too. There are many types of heart one can play with when it comes to a heart tattoo.

Stars Tattoo 

Stars tattoo
One of the simple and first things we learn in our drawing class is five point stars. Stars are very easy to draw and even looks pretty. 

Your kids can choose pretty star tattoo. these are 2 qualities and prospective design while choosing tattoo for Kids.

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