Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Know 3 signs that HE is just using YOU

Know 3 signs that HE is just using YOU

Most of us often fail to understand that are we being used in the relationship or not. Things fall apart when you realize the thing in late. Let us find out some ways for you to analyse easily that are you being used by HIM or he really loves you.

 You pay every time when you both go out : Even though he might be nice enough to you, but if you often find yourself paying when the two of you are out on for shopping or a date, it's time that you get the sign that he is just using you. While sometimes, it is fine to split the bill and pay half-half money.

He is only available when he is in need of you : If he speaks on a phone-call or in-person to you or meets you every time when he requires something, you should catch the sign. Sometimes, most of the girls fail to understand this habit of buys and end up thinking that his guy is being generous and just asking her for advice.

When he is shy to talk to you in front of his friend-circle : If he loves you really, then he will be proud to show his love for you in front of his friends. Sometimes it can be that he is actually busy with friends and do not want your interference in between their conversation, but if he is avoiding to be with you, talk to you and tell about you in his friends circle, you must catch the sign that he is using you.

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