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4 Dham Yatra - Kedarnath Temple, Badrinath Temple, Gangotri & Yamunotri

Char Dham Yatra
Char Dham is that the term that once, although erroneously, detected by any Hindu makes him shut his eyes for an instant whereas basic cognitive process the God’s grace. Perked within the misty Garhwal range, the pride of Uttarakhand, ar the four pilgrimages of Asian nation - Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath, along known as Char Dham. For years, sages and pilgrims have hiked these numinous vales, known as “Kedarkhand” within the ancient scriptures, to hunt the divine. Over and higher than, Char Dham Yatra becomes an unforgettable divine journey for the devout, amidst holy rivers and their confluences and picturesque surroundings that actually create the abode of God.

Resembling Gangotri, Yamunotri celebrates the looks of stream Yamuna, and is that the seat of divinity Yamuna. Set high, at associate altitude of 3235 m, and the pilgrim's journey attracts devotees from all over. The sumptuous surroundings of the place very create one sit and accept Creator’s manifestation. Snow coated mountains, chilling breeze and cascading stream adds to the mysticism of the pious place.


At associate elevation of 3048 mts, Gangotri lies peacefully amidst attractive setting. The pilgrim's journey celebrates the emergence of the holy Ganga stream. It’s an area wherever the autumn of the stream evokes one’s awe. Inbuilt the eighteenth century by Amar Singh Thapa, the divine temple is sited on the neighborhood of the stream. Pilgrims from all components of the globe, return once a year to pay their deference at the revered shrine of Gangotri.


Immersed within the divinity of the terribly previous stories, Kedarnath emerges high within the middle of covering peaks. Aforesaid to be over one thousand years previous, this temple is meant to be designed by Adi Shankaracharya within the eighth century. The exquisite design of this temple is price loving. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Destroyer of the Universe, the pilgrim's journey is visited by many folks once a year.


Badrinath, beyond any doubt, seems all the a lot of religious with Neelkanth Peak as its spectacular background. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Badrinath Temple too, has several stories behind its origin. Alaknanda stream flowing incessantly in its forefront sends chills down the spine, whereas the new water spring known as ‘Tapt Kund’ very portrays the conjecture of the Creator. Like all the opposite Dhams, this temple was additionally established by Guru Adi Shankaracharya.
Things to recollect

Char Dham, the most-revered pilgrimages of Asian nation, should be visited ranging from Yamunotri, moving towards Gangotri, Kedarnath and last the journey at Badrinath. Remember, this is often the standard ‘parikrama’ route going from left to right or clockwise circumambulation. All of those temples are situated at the banks of rivers; however don’t plan to enter the waters as a result of the terrific water flow will cause accidents.

 Must Do

When you are in Kedarnath you need to pay money to visit Adi Shankaracharya's Samadhi. Visiting depression of Flowers, which lies near Badrinath, would undoubtedly be a pleasant plan. of these pilgrimages are situated at staggering heights, therefore climate is sometimes chilly. Carry adequate vesture with yourself. It’s suggested to require tub in hot springs, where on the market, as their waters have healing properties. Check that to require care of your belongings at such places.


Since Char Dham is visited by unnumbered pilgrims once a year, there are an outsized range of accommodation choices at every pilgrim's journey. Obviously, at such height, you cannot get 5 star hotels however affirmative, there are sensible quality hotels, lodges, rest homes, cottages, ashrams, dharamshalas and guest homes which supply good services. The hotels in Char Dhams and their locality provide wonderful services and amenities. There are several eater restaurants that supply very tasty food.

How to Reach

By Air: the closest airdrome to the Char Dhams is found at Jollygrant, that is 314 kms, 239 kms and 265 kmsfrom Badrinath, Kedarnath and Gangotri,respectively.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is at Rishikesh, which is248 kms, 222 kms, 221kms, and 297 kms from  Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and  Badrinath, severally.

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