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Your Trip To Shimla Is Incomplete If You Miss Visiting These Places

Places to visit in Shimla
Places to visit in Shimla
Shimla got its name from goddess Shayamla Devi. This goddess is manifestation of goddess Kali. This is capital of Himachal Pradesh.
This city was come to limelight when in year 1819, the British discovered it. Before that it was a part of Nepalese kingdom. In year 1864 it was known as summer capital of India. After Independence in year 1947 it was declared as a capital of Punjab and then of Himachal Pradesh. In year 1903, the rail was started between Kalka to Shimla.

In this post we will share, places to visit in Shimla.

Annandale – This is one of the popular places in Shimla. It is just 2 km below the ridge in city. Here you can click many photos. This is really charming place. During British raj it was place of recreation.

Chadwick Falls – This place is located west in Shimla just beyond the summer hills at 7 km. This falls was once the site of 67 m aquatic spectacle.

Chapslee – This was built in 1835 by British. This is comfortable elegance of British manor.

St. Michael’s Cathedral and Christ Church – Christ Church is among the most prominent building located at the Mall road. This is 2nd oldest church in North India. You can use silhouette as a skylines for miles around. This church was designed in year 1844 by Colonel JT Boileau and was consecrated after 1857. In 1860 the clock was donated by Colonel Dumbleton and in year 1873 it was porch.

Churdhar Sanctuary – From peak Chur it got its name. On top of it there is majestic status of Lord Shiva.

Jakhu Temple – Its most visited place in Shimla. If you are planning for trip to Shimpla then you must visit Jakhu temple. This temple I located in Jakhu hills and is the highest point in the town.

Jeep Safari – You can do Jeep Safari in Shimla and see many manmade and natural wonders.

The Kotesvara – This temple has magnificient structure of Lord Shiva in form of Shivlinga.

Padam Palace – This palace is located near Satluj river in Rampur. To visit this place you need to travel 125 km.

Shirigul temple – This is one of the most important and the oldest temple of Shirigul which is located at Chur Dhar Peak.

The Ridge – The open large space in town which will give you excellent view of mountain ranges.

Woodville palace Hotel – This is art deco mansion which is surrounded by trees of tall Himalayan cedar – the Deodar. Wonderful place to visit.

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