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How Can I Treat Fever Safely at Home in Pregnancy

Fever during pregnancy
Nowadays cold are common that might be uncommon to all or any however throughout pregnancy one should pay attention of health while not catching cold at least once.

Coughs, cold and fevers are sometimes attributable to a virus infection in your body.

Even again and again there's no need for antibiotics once you catch, cough or fever together may be treated with medicines that are safe throughout pregnancy and relieve the symptoms.

Viral fever, cold and coughs could cause you to feel miserable and tired , however it won't create any problem for your baby.

If you have got cough for few days or have great amounted of phlegm then you may visit to your doctor to require necessary action on sever infection?

Many women have inflammation must take specific medication to alleviate the symptoms in early pregnancy.

Home remedies to treat with fever in pregnancy

Intakes lots of water as this may facilitate skinny secretions.

Juices, water and warm tea are sensible for pregnant women.

Steam inhalation can facilitate in relieve of coughs and can stop running nose.

Have many pillows below your head and sleep in reclining position in order that respiration is less complicated.

Hot water gargles are terribly effective for raw throat.

To relieve throat pain use application lozenges.

Medicines to alleviate symptoms

Cough suppressants and expectorants

Dextromethorphan could be a common ingredient that is found in cold and cough medicines, suppresses cough is a good drugs for dry cough.


This cluster of medicine is effective to treat allergies and to treat colds. They assist in stuffiness of the nose. In several cold and cough medicines guaifenesin is used as an expectorator.


In cold remedies and in cough syrups may contain a medicine.

Body ache and headache

One will use ibuprofen to treat body ache. For headache it’s safe to use paracetamol and it brings fever down. 


When you are pregnant particularly in first trimester, avoid the high fevers. It’s counseled to require paracetamol drugs. One will take these drugs each four to six hours to stay blood heat close to traditional the maximum amount as potential.  


When you have fever it doesn’t mean that you simply cannot have traditional diet. Pregnant women should drink much water to avoid dehydration. You are doing not got to avoid juices, cold drinks or curds. They are doing not worsen the cold or fever. Just in case drinking cold hurts your throat then avoid it.

Causes of fever in pregnancy

The common causes of fever in pregnancy are respiratory infections, infectious agent fever like contagious disease “the flu” and infectious disease malaria.

Respiratory infections

a) Typically cough and cold will reach an infection in your lungs.

b) One will have dark-green or yellow phlegm which can have a foul odour. 

c) If the infection doesn't reply to the standard cough and cold remedies then doctor can recommend antibiotic.

d) One ought to rigorously select antibiotic prescribed by doctor to create certain that it doesn't have any impact on your baby.

Viral fever

a)Having a viral fever may be terribly exhausting after you are pregnancy. After you are pregnant respiratory illness cause severe body pain.

b)When you're pregnant take much water, take painkillers, eat a healthy diet and rest until you are feeling higher. Keep in mind grippe is caused by a virus infection and it’s not necessary to require antibiotics. 


Typhoid is associate degree infection that is caused by drinking or feeding food contaminated by enteric bacteria typhii. Eat food in neat and clean place.  One will diagnose infectious disease by a blood test which is able to be conclusive solely when you had a fever for 5 days or a lot of. Once infectious disease is confirmed through biopsy you would like to treat it by antibiotics for minimum ten days.

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