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Top 10 European Destinations

Top 10 European Destinations
Europe is very beautiful and amazing place, each and everyone should plan to visit to Europe at least once in their lifetime. Europe is very famous continents preferred by students to study. Europe has many exotic travel destinations and for students it offers easy accommodation, easy travel and enough history to research on many things.
Read on top 10 travel destination in Europe below:

Rome in Italy: If you love the sunshine and you are a history nut then Rome is perfect place for you. There is huge influence of modern civilization by Romans and you can see their empire is extended over most of the parts of Europe.

Tourist Attraction: The Colosseum, the Vatican City etc.
Must try: You will love the food and must try everything.
Tips: Gelato!

Paris in France: Through pop cultures and movies, Paris has become a fairytale destination among the tourists. This city is truly a city of love. Last year I visited this city with my family and I loved it, friends you must visit this place. Between the fashion week, history, and food there is some or other things for everyone!

Tourist attraction: The Louvre, The Eiffel tower, The Sun Palace etc.
Must try: Paris Roller, for 3 hours every Friday night, this roller skate around the city.
Tips: when you visit to Paris keep map of metro with you always.

Barcelona in Spain: Sun drenched and beautiful Spain will offer you architecture, scenery, amazing nightlife and a beautiful beaches.

Tourist attraction: the beach
Must visit: Open air market
Tips: keep calm and research about hostel and relax.

London in United Kingdom: London is a cultural and business hub. London has conducted many historical events and this city was once the suprime power in Europe and world. Take a time of a week to visit this city. This city is not one can be visited in weekend. London has lots of history and its nightlife is awesome.

Tourist attraction: Platform 9 ¾, Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, The Tower of London.
Must visit – London Eye open air street market.
Tips: the trains and the underground are very confusing. Take with you a map so that you wount be lost.
Top 10 European Destinations
Amsterdam in Netherlands: This city is very gorgeous and has many scenery and has lots of history. This city is popularly known for its Red Light District.

Tourist attraction: Van Gogh Museum, Red Light Distrist, Anne Frank;s  House.
Must visit: Special Café menus
Tips: In Red Light District you cant carry cameras.

Dublin in Ireland: Ireland is not connected to Europe. This place is very beautiful place and peoples from Ireland are very friendly. This place has lots of bar’s and is a big buisiness communication hub.

Tourist attraction: Trinity college, the temple bar and a guinness factory and storehouse.
Must visit: The touristry bar – Ditch and Grungy bar when old men sings in the corner.
Tips: Do know and keep a eye on Euro exchange rate.

Athens in Greece: This place is truly a home of gods! This is home of god & godess the Zeus, Hercules etc. Very famous Olympics began in this place. This place has great nightlife.

Tourist Attraction: The Acropolis, Athena Temple, Temple of poseidon and cape of Sounion.
Must visit: Syntagma Square and Free bike tour.
Tips: Walk around the city in night.

Edinburgh in Scotland: This place is just like a London but in smaller scale. This place can be visited in weekend. You will love to take a tour of scottish Highlands. If you are a harry potter fan then this place is your favorite place as this place is true inspiration of famous author J.K.Rowling who has maderaction harry potter series.

Tourist attraction: Free walk tour, the castle, royal mile and the elephant house.
Must visit: Hogwarts,free walk tour of the city.
Tips: At random time visit to the elephant house café as its very popular among tourists.

Istanbul in Turkey: This one of the most energetic and happiest city in Europe. This place has endless galleries, clubs, bars, mosques and ottoman. This is fashion hub.

Tourist attraction: Daily walk tour
Must visit: Local bar’s
Tips: carry sunscreen

Milan in Italy: this place is newest place in Italy while rome is oldest. This is truly a car, movies and fashion hub. You will love to relax on beach and go to window shoping.

Tourist attraction: Golden Quad
Must visit: the funky design.

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