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Planning For Switzerland! Know Top 10 Attractions in Switzerland

Top 10 Attractions in Switzerland
Switzerland is so beautiful place. Traveling around Switzerland is like my dream come true. Switzerland got outstanding hotels and apr├Ęs-ski chicness Heidi like mountain villages which is very famous among the tourists.
Read on top 10 amazing places in Switzerland


Zurich is situated within the heart of Europe and is one of the highest visited destinations in Schweiz. This place is located on northern shores of Lake Zurich. On the horizon you can see snowcapped Alps. Zurich’s leisure activities and philosophy flair will make you fashionable traveler from all over the globe.

In Zurich you will get over 50 museums and around hundreds of art galleries and many international fashion labels. Zurich is very famous for its flamboyant and spirited nightlife. You can enjoy recreational activities from spectacular hike on the uetiberg mountainnto sailing on the lakes within the town.

You can travel to zurich by plane, train or by car. Airport is just 10 minutes train ride from downtown. Zurich is main railway station in Europe while it is hub of central European railroad. 


This place is between Alpine peak and rough piece of land of the jura. Geneva is headquartering of Red Cross and European seat of the United Nations. Geneva is well known as a Capital of peace.

In city one can visit to elegant retailers, shore promenades, spirited aspect streets, parks and is good place to walk. A fountain Jet d’ Eau has around 500 foot high water jets which is set in lake and is an icon of the Geneva.

Many international artists perform within the famous Grand Theatre. The group of musical clock and jeweler watch museum from The Musee international American state L’horlogerie belongs to Geneva.


Lucerne is a beautiful place with Lake Medic and pretty panorama of mountain range.

This place is really loaded with scenic beauty with car free city with medieval bridge located within the center of the city. Lucerne has oldest coated wood bridge in Europe. The highlighted places in city are historic homes adorned with frescoes, the art movement culture and convention centre (KKL) which was designed by Jean Nouvel (French creator) and charming city square is located here.

You can also visit to nearby mountain and luxuriate ship cruise on very attractive lake.


This place is Oberland Region between Lake Brienz and Lake Thun in Switzerland. This region is presided by 3 mighty mountains Monch, Jungfrau, & Eiger.

This place is must to visit in Switzerland tour and it has over 45 mountain railways, chair lifts, cable cars and ski lifts lead the incaution to a 150 miles of slopes. Most visited place in Interlaken is space ski region in winter season.

In summers you can visit to Beatenberg – Niederhorn the paraglide head is just 7 miles away from town. You can also visit to cruises on Lake Brienz and Lake Thun’s abroad excursion boats.

Lake Region

This place encompassing metropolis Montreuz and Lauvaux and this place is 5th most liked space of Switzerland among 2 unesco world heritage website listing.

Since 1914 the International Olympic committee is situated here. This town is designed on three hills and is enclosed by covered slopes vineyard with lake. This place has many Gothic churches.

Lake Region has around 8000 hectares farm space of fine wines like Dezaley, St-Saphorin and Epesses. You will love to visit to mini restaurants and charming pints.

The very famous Montreux fetehas take annually in June or July. This place is enclosed with vineyards where you will get back cloth of snowy Alps and many Mediterranean, palm grow, pines any cypresses here.

Top 10 Attractions in Switzerland


This place is close between France and Germany. It is 3rd larget town in Switzerland. It has varied history diversity of culture and fashionable design and art.

You can grasp historic landmarks, well known big mart, the late Romanesque – gothic cathedral and red arenaceous rock government. This place is known as the town of art. Basel has nearly 40 museums. Among them very famous is Basle Art Repository which is dedicated to iron sculptor Jean Tinguely. This place has many galleries and playhouses, musical theatre and orchestra.

The most important celebration for individual of Basle is Fasnacht carnival. During weekday which follows Ash Wednesday is rise at town raises Morgenstraich.


This place lies at the foot of Matterhorn which has photographed mountain within the world. This place is located in middle of ski region and colossal hiking which are most engaging vacation villages among the world.

The ski region consists of 63 mountain railways and 2 hundred miles of slopes. Zermatt is known as Matterhorn ice mass paradise of Europe. This place is Europe’s highest and largest lying summer sport regions. In summer various ski group train themselves here in Zermatt.

This place is legendary among mountaineers as from Mont Blanc to Zermatt lies on Haute Route which is an international route which takes several days to travel. Over 400 km of hiking trails through out the matter vale.

Zermatt is also famous for its hotels and restaurants.

Engadin St. Mortiz

This place is located at 1.800 m higher than water level. Located within alphine canton Graubunden and gifted 322 days of sunshine years. You can lure her by a novel combination if atmosphere, style, unspoiled nature and authentic village tradition. You can also see many lakes, mountains and plateau.

Romansch is official language of Engadin St. Mortiz. Within neighboring valleys Italian, St. Mortiz speaks German. French language is spoken at club master of education and English language at Cresta Run. 


Bern is charming and very beautiful among other cities in Switzerland. It has quite cobbled lane aare which is lined with arenaceous rock arcaded building which belongs to over 500 years old.

Bern is surrounded by hills and steep bank of watercourse. In city recent town clustered roofs and majestic Alps are lovely.


This region is situated at start of southern aspect of mountain range in Tessin. You will feel Italy here as it has many citrus tree and palm trees. You will love Italian food here.

You can also visit to city of Bellinzona and tessin which is house of an expensive gastronomy, wide stretches and fascinating art.

You can get Tessin special wine and ancient inns called grotto here within the region.

Visit Switzerland, I am sure you will not only like the place but you will love it. Enjoy your tour.

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