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7 Shocking Side Effects of Lemon Tea

Side Effect of Lemon Tea
Lemon tea is one among the healthiest beverages on our planet. This tea is loaded with many nutrients and antioxidants that is incredibly powerful and has sensible impact on our body. Lemon tea is incredibly helpful to boost brain perform, to low risk of cancer, to cut back fat and has several different unbelievable advantages.
Although it's several edges it's several side effects too. Side effects of lemon tea are as follow:

Top seven side effects of lemon tea are as follow:

Tooth Erosion: intense several acidic beverages and foods like lemon tea will cause in depth contact of acid with teeth. This can wear away tooth enamel and can create teeth sensitive, after you eat cold or hot foods. Therefore it’s invariably suggested to drink lemon tea solely a pair of times on a daily basis. 

Heartburn: Drinking an excessive amount of lemon tea could begin symptom or your condition can worse if whereas symptom you may drink lemon tea. Symptom can occur once along with your muscular structure muscle, between your abdomen and passage that doesn't perform properly and acid fashioned from your abdomen can withdraw to your passage therefore this method is understood as reflux, symptom is additionally called acid reflux. Therefore don't consume an excessive amount of lemon tea because it causes heartburn.

Frequent urination and dehydration: In terribly rare case lemon tea may need a drug impact. Lemon contains superb quantity of vitamin C or antioxidant. Vitamin C is renowned for its drug properties means that drinking lemon tea could increase piss production in your urinary organ therefore helps in eliminating excess fluid and sodium terribly quickly from your body. If you increase amount of lemon in water than this can have a lot of urination. Once drinking lemon tea if you're feeling dehydrated than you'll be able to decrease amount of lemon.  

Insomnia: sleep disorder means that less sleep or disorder and sleepless night. Drinking an excessive amount of lemon tea could cause disorder therefore drinking lemon tea an excessive amount of could cause sleep disorder. This is often facet impact of lemon tea therefore consume this immerse moderate quantity.

Pregnancy: Lemon tea contains citral and myrcene that is harmful throughout pregnancy. therefore drinking many cup of lemon tea consumption is nice throughout physiological state.

Increase acidity: Lemon tea contains lemon. Lemons contain sensible quantity of acid that is acidic in nature. Therefore consume lemon tea in moderate quantity instead you may have acidity.

Side effects with medicines: If you're on medical care or Ayurveda medication than continuously consulting your doctor before drinking lemon tea. Consumption of lemon tea may need adverse impact.

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