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Fitness, Makeup And Beauty Secrets of French Women

Secrets of French Women
One thing that comes in mind when we hear the word French is beauty and elegance. Whether be French food, landscapes, culture or anything else, we get a sense of sophistication when we come to know about them.
We all know that women from France are famous for their elegant, self confidence and sophistication femininity. They are very appealing, as most the world say. They are beautiful and attractive in all senses, not just because they are just beautiful, but they are also fit and possess an appealing personality. 

Today in this post, I am going to share some makeup, beauty, diet and fitness secrets of these French beauties.
First let me share with some beauty & makeup secrets of French women:

French women hardly use any foundation. They use very less foundation which makes their skin shiny and wrinkle free. These French women use a very thin layer of foundation only if they want to cover any spot or blemish on their face. 

French women are well aware about the benefits of staying hydrated. Mostly all women drink a glass of water before going off to sleep and first thing in the morning. It is one the secret weapon to them, for their skin, beauty and of-course health.

Mostly French women love to follow the old beauty rituals where were taught to them by their grandma or great grandma. Old beauty ritual include a strawberry and honey mix face mask, cucumber slices on eyes, washing hairs with cold water with vinegar or lemon juice added to it for shine. 

They try to maintain a balance while going out in sun. They make sure to apply sunscreen lotions on one hands and sit under a tree to prevent their skin from sun tan and on the other hand, they go out in the sun and enjoy sun and gain the benefits by doing some light sports or just by walking for a miles. French women are careful enough to provide suitable amount to sunlight to their skin.

French women are easy going and confident. According to them to feel from within that they are very beautiful and this clearly reflects on their face. These women’s like keeping it elegant and simple while applying makeup. For example if you choose to apply red lipstick and love to have smoky eyes and blushers. French women, love to have dramatic and smoky eyes and loves to step out with pale lips. 
So these were the top beauty and makeup secrets of French women. Let us now come to fitness and diet secrets too.

Yogurt is one of the main secret reasons why French women don’t get fat. Yogurt is very good as it comes in diet food and French women are very well aware of this. It helps to burn down the fat in body and helps to promote weight loss. 
As we have already discussed that drinking water is one of the main beauty secrets of these women, it also helps in keeping them fit and healthy. One must drink water as soon as wake up in morning, it will help in flushing the toxins from the body. And we know that drinking a glass of water before going to sleep and first thing in the morning is a part of their daily routine.

French women are in favor of fewer intakes of diary products. They mostly prefer drinking espresso coffee without milk or noisette and their coffee cups sizes are smaller too. 

French loves to eat cheese. But they make sure that their servings do not exceed 40 grams.

Plain Salad is a very important part of French meal. French women often don’t mix their food with other Italian, Asian or Thai cuisines. They like to eat plain food with plain salad. 

So, now we know the secret behind all the French beauties and their fit body. Hope these will help you too, to attain that attractive, alluring and beautiful personality like all French women do.
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