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Best Tourist Places in Kanpur

Best Tourist Places in Kanpur
Kanpur is the largest city in Uttar Pradesh. It is also known as the Manchester of north India and one of the biggest industrial city in India. It is known for its leather products and arms production.

Situated on the holy banks of river Ganga, Kanpur is a home to some really famous people like Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Actress Poonam Dhillon, Singer Abhijeet, Actress Shweta Tiwari, Writer Anamika Mishra, Actor Gaurav Khanna, Author Harshita Srivastava, and lots more. The list of celebs from kanpur is endless. This city is not only famous for the talented people who are born in this city, but it is also known for the stunning tourist places in it.

In this post, we are going to share the best places to visit in Kanpur. So, now next time you are planning to visit Kanpur, next time you know where to roam around. And if someone asks you, where to go in Kanpur... you know what to answer them!!

The best places to visit in Kanpur are as follows:

1- Allen Forest Zoo:

This is a must visit place with kids and family. Spread in 190 acres, this is one of the biggest zoo in India. 

2- Valmiki Ashram:

This is a blissful and divine location to visit. It has been declared as the site of historical importance by the department of Archeological Survey of India. It is the birthplace of Luv and Kush, sons of Lord Rama and Sita. It is also said that Ramayana was written at this place.

3- J.K. Temple:

JK Temple or Radha Krishna Temple is a beautiful and iconic temple. It is must visit place if you like spending time in serene and calm environment. 

4- Sri Sai Dham:

Situated at the outskirts of the city, Sri Sai Dham is Sai Baba temple which is one of the most important religious sites of the city. 

5- Moti Jheel:

Moti jheel is a beautiful place to sit and relax at the lake side. You can go for boating at the musical fountain nearby and enjoy the musical fountain light and sound show in the evening.

6- Sri Sudhanshu Ji Ashram:

This is great picnic spot which is loved by many. It is also known as Gufa wala mandir. This ashram is the best place to spend evening with friends and family.

7- Ganga Bairaj:

Ganga Bairaj or Ganges Barrage  is a long bridge situated above the holy Ganges. Here, people go and spend their time with family and loved ones. It is one of the best places in Kanpur. You can enjoy boating, fishing, water sports (occasionally) or just enjoy fooding and roaming with loved ones there. 

8- All Soul's Church:

All Soul's Church or Kanpur memorial church is one of the oldest and biggest church in Kanpur. It was made in 1875 and is situated in Cantt.

9- ISKON Temple:

The famous ISKON temple is also here. You should not miss visiting ISKON temple of Kanpur, if you visiting Kanpur. It is one of the most divine and peaceful places in Kanpur.

10- Brahmavrat Ghat:

Last but not the least on our list is the most famous Brahmavrat Ghat. You will be surprised to know but this Ghat is the CENTER OF THE EARTH. it is one of the divinest places in India. It is situated in Bithoor, which is in the outskirts of Kanpur. 

So, now you know where to visit in Kanpur. Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Do comment your views and share it with your friends and family. 
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