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Fitness, Makeup And Beauty Secrets of Mexican Women

Secrets of Mexican Women
Maite Perroni, Thalia, Pauline Rubio and Salma Hayek are 4 ladies who are very gorgeous, charming and beautiful. Many of us think what these stunning ladies have in common? Well you are absolutely correct!! They all are Mexican women. Mexican ladies have been admired for their perfect fitness and charismatic beauty since the ages.

Read on the beauty secrets of Mexican women:

Tepezcohuite Tree Products

The bark of Tepezcohuite tree is known for powerful anti microbial, analgesic and regenerative properties. From this bark skin cream is made and is popularly by Mexican women. This bark is useful in fighting with skin problems like burns, wrinkles, eczema, scars, stretch marks and psoriasis. This bark is very effective in treating with minor burns and injuries.


This step is very effective and important for Mexican beauty. Mexican women keep coarse sea salt in their bathroom and they rub it all over their body before going to bath. They use exfoliating products like exfoliating body towel, loofah and exfoliating body mitts. 


One can commonly find cactus in Mexico. Mexican women put cactus innards throughout their body and does body massage session. This cactus has detoxifying and cooling effects. It helps in unclogging the pores and will provide you refreshing.

Jalapeno and Tequila

Jalapeno and Tequila is the best Mexican beauty secret. Women wash their head with tequila and jalapeno to get luscious and long hair. Mexican women soak Jalapeno peppers in tequila for few days and keep them away in dark room away from sun. Twice a month with this mixture they wash their head. This mixture helps them to keep shinny, long and healthy hair. This results in hair growth.


Avocado is easily found in Mexico. With avocado they make hair and face mask. This mask will give you healthy and elastic skin. Avocado even helps in reducing your weight.

Secrets of Mexican Women

Light makeup

Mexican women avoid using cakey and heavy makeup. According to them heavy makeup make their skin loose and dull. According to Mexican women it is very important to remove makeup before going to bed. This help your skins breathe properly.

Fitness Secret

Monitor your fat intake and calorie count

Mexican food is loaded with calories, fat and sodium. Mexican foods are very high in fat like fried tortilla, cheese, deep fried combo dish and sour cream. Their food is loaded with calcium and protein and enjoy small portion.


They do regular workout and exercise. Daily they do lunges, crunches, yoga ad stretches. They prefer to do exercise at home. 

Beans and other vegetables

Beans are very important food of Mexican women. They are loaded with fiber and carbohydrate and low in calories. They prefer to eat healthy and delightful food. In their meal they include vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes and salsa.
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