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Top 10 Classic Cars in the World

Top 10 Classic Cars
Rich peoples like to travel or prefer to drive by cars like BMW, Audi or Mercedes Benz. People who are really rich love to drive Rolls Royce, Bugatti or a Bentley. People who love adventure or sports would go for speedy cars like Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Porsche or McLaren. There are very few cars which are still loved by peoples and by the time have become a classic car.

Classy, Timeless and expensive, the following is a list of the top 10 classic cars.

Bugatti Type 57S Atlantic

Top 10 Classic Cars

You are lucky if you are planning to buy a Bugatti Type 57S Atlantic car. It is not only extremely rare but it is expensive too. Manufacture has produced only 4 of this vehicles till know. Till the date only 2 are very well known to have survived. Ralph Lauren a fashion designer is one of the famed car collectors. Dr. Peter Williamson is another collector of this car. Peter bought this car for $59,000 in year 1971. When he died this car was sold to an unidentified collector for $30 to 40 million.

Ferrari GTO

Top 10 Classic Cars

Ferrari GTO is one of the famous and top sports cars of all the time. Only 39 cars were made between years 1962 to 1964. In back early 60’s this vehicle was originally priced at 18,000 $ and buyer who bought this was Gran Turismo Omologata. 

Rolls Royce Phantom II Continental

Top 10 Classic Cars

The Rolls Royce museum’s owner Hans Gunther Zach recently sold the vehicle in year 1934 version which was owned originally by the Maharajah of Rajkot. This car was nicknamed as a Star of India is one car among the 281 produced. This car has 14 pair of headlights. 

Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

Top 10 Classic Cars

Only 22 of this Ferrari of this 1957 classic were produced. The prototype of this car was actually sold for $16.39 million. This Ferrari car was iconic status when this won 10 out of 19 races. This race was started between years 1958 to 1961. Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa was sold for $12.4 million which was owned by Alan Connell. This car was featured in 23 different races. The Testa Rossa was designed and created at Maranello.

Mercedes Benz 540k Spezial Roadster

Top 10 Classic Cars

This car was manufactured in Germany and was originally built for one of Royal Family of Prussia in year 1936. This Mercedes was called the Spezial Roadster. This car was one of the most expensive among the cars which were sold at an auction. The one who bought this car was also belongs to one of the Royal Family. 

Ferrari 250 GT California LWB Competizione Spyder

Top 10 Classic Cars

This car is one of the most expensive and successful line of cars during 50’s to 60’s. For one of the North American Client the Italian giant has decided to design. This car was top version of 250 GT by Ferrari. The racing version of this car was built by an aluminum and most of it part was made of steel. The only trunk, hood and doors were made of aluminum. Another version of this car was owned by actor James Coburn.

Ford GT 40 Gulf/Mirage

Top 10 Classic Cars
Finally in our list we have an American car. This car was manufactured to challenge Ferrari dominance in the 24 hour Le Mans rally. From year 1960 to 1965 this car won the races. First 3 version of this car was built with the help of British while 4th version was built with the help of American designer. 

Duesenberg Model J Murphy Bodied Coupe

Top 10 Classic Cars
This car manufacturer was Iowa based company who are specialized in luxury cars. 500 model of 1928 manufactured car was planned to sell but they were not successful and sold only 300 cars. At that time this car could go up to 65 horsepower. Top speed of this car was 119 miles per hour. 

Aston Martin DB5

Top 10 Classic Cars

Aston Martin DB5 is most famous and iconic car in James Bond movies. Only 2 cars were produced till now. This car was featured in movie Goldfinger produced in year 1964, movie Thunderball produced in year 1965 and Skyfall produced in year 2012. 2 machine guns were mounted behind the front turn signals and at ejector seat. They are non functional because they were utilized only in James Bond’s movies. This car has revolving number plate.

Bugatti Type 57S Atalante
Top 10 Classic Cars
This car is one of the most desirable cars of Bugatti. This car has supercharged engine. This classic car was personally designed by a Jean Bugatti. This car was produced between years 1936 to 1938.

Friends these were top 10 classic cars around the world. If you know, some other names than share with us.
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