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Common Symptoms of Dry Skin

Common Symptoms of Dry Skin
Dry skin is usually a temporary problem. We usually face to during winters, but for some of us it might be a lifelong concern. It is very important to take care of what you eat and what you apply on your skin, if you are facing this skin problem. But how will you be able to find out that you are having dry skin problem?
Therefore it is very important that you know the symptoms for dry skin. Let me now show you the common symptoms for dry skin.

Common Symptoms for dry skin are as follows:

Skin Tightness

The easiest way to identify that you are having dry skin is a feeling of skin tightness. You will get this feeling after Showering, bathing or swimming. You will feel that your skin is stiff while you try to move your fingers to make a fist.

Skin Dehydration

Another way to know that you are having a dry skin problem, your skin will appear dehydrated. You will feel as if all water and moisture has vanished from your skin. You will feel like your skin pores are thirsty. 


Roughness is another very common symptom of your dry skin. You will notice your skin appears to be rough and coarse. This usually can be seen in between arms, fingers, arms,  heel, feet, and cheeks. 


Often dry skin becomes red. This redness mostly appears on your forehead, cheeks and chin area of your face. 

Pruritus or Itching

Pruritus or Itching is another symptom of dry skin. Your skin keeps on irritating you and itchiness occurs. They may sometimes become intense. 

Itching may even interfere when you are sleepy and irritating you to pain.

Common Symptoms of Dry Skin

Fine Lines

Fine lines on your skin appear when you have a dry skin. These fine lines are same like rashes but these are in white color. When you touch your skin while moving your finger on it, a white line appears and leaves a mark for a long time. 


Rashes!! These are really bad and ugly marks that appear naturally when you have dry skin. Rashes on skin are really bad.  Sometimes rashes are with itchiness when is a very worse situation.

Skin Peeling and scaling

This is a situation when you skin starts to shed the top most layer of it in a very uneven way. It tends to irritate you and can cause to pain even you try to remove the affected skin at once. This is a very painful and a bad symptom of dry skin. 


Very common example of flaking is dandruff. Skin tissue fall away like a flaks. Flaking not only occurs on our head but it can be seen on your arms and legs too. This is a very embarrassing situation of dry skin. Though, flaking on arms and legs is somewhat different from head dandruff as flaks come out when you rub or touch your skin after bathing or swimming. 

Deep fissures and cracks

This is the most painful and sometimes very serious symptom of dry skin. Deep cracks and fissures on your skin may even sometimes lead to bleeding. Usually deep fissures appear on hands, lips and feet. 

So now you know the symptoms of dry skin. But knowing the symptoms is simply not enough. Once you have a look at any one of these symptoms, you must start to care for your skin even more seriously. 

Though I would advise that you should take care of your skin on the regular basis, so that these problems stay miles away from your skin, but if they appear you should be more concerned for your skin. And if using a good and apt beauty product is just not enough to cure, you know then its time to consult a good skin specialist.
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