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How To Lose Weight By Avoiding Beer

How to Lose Weight by avoiding Beer
If you have a fair diet during the week, you have stopped eating fast food and have started avoiding anything fried; you are more into cooking your meals at home and have introduced more green veggies in your food, you have switched to drinking beer only during weekend. But still you find all your efforts of losing weight in vain. Why? This is because, YOU ARE DRINKING BEER.

You must have read many articles claiming the health benefits of beer. Yes I do agree moderate beer drinking is good for health but very few people know that beer drinking encourages weight gain too. Not only men, but women too now days consume more amount of beer. Beer have high amount of digested carbs which helps you to shut down your fat burning. So people choose to drink liquid beer. You should avoid beer if you really want to lose weight.

It is said that each beer is of 130 calories. And people tend to drink at least 4-5 beers when they sit with colleagues and friends. If this is the case with you, then four beers is equal to 650 calories approx. 

This means you are alone consuming 650 calories in just one sitting. 

The thing is simple, you are trying to stay away from junk and fried food all week and during the weekend, and you put all your efforts in vain. 

On the daily basis, our body need nominal amount of calories and those calories, we get from the food we eat. The excess amount of calories like what we get from beer is stored away as fat in our body. This results in boosting our weight. Alcohol is easily stored and metabolized. So, yes your favorite beer which acts as a stress buster to you actually is working against you. 

How to Lose Weight by avoiding Beer

Excess calories from beer results into excess fat which automatically encourages your weight gain. And weight gain itself brings many other health problems along, which includes diabetes, depression, heart disease, intoxication, dehydration, heartburn etc. Daily consumption of beer which approximately contains 40g of Alcohol tends to increase blood pressure which may result in making you a High BP patient. 

But as they say, there is always another way out. Although I would suggest you to strictly avoid beer, but if you really can’t do these, then I have a solution for you i.e. ‘Pre-burning’ your beer calories? This means you need to do extra cardio in order to burn 400 calories, and then only you can allow yourself to drink 3 beers.

If you are in a society or friends, where hard drinks cannot be avoided, then I would suggest you to opt for smart alcoholic options. Avoid beer and instead go for red wine or dry wine, dry champagne and pure spirits like vodka, cognac or whiskey. These drinks hardly contain any carbohydrates or sugar in them, so they are better than beer. However large amount of consumption of any alcoholic drink is not a good idea. But if you really cannot avoid fully, then go for moderate drinking. 
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