Monday, September 15, 2014

Which Common Food Can Make Your Bones Stronger? Know Here!

Bones is very important part of our body. It is well known as a supporter of the body. Bones must be healthy and strong in order to prevent from various diseases like osteoporosis etc. There are several ways to keep bones healthy by eating proper food and exercising regularly.

Proper food for bones is very important and there are 2 major nutrients for bones they are calcium and vitamin D. Vitamin D is very important for bones as it plays very important role in absorbing calcium from food. While calcium is a type of mineral this is necessary for oroper functioning of body and is easily stored in bones.

If there is deficiency of these 2 nutrients this may lead to fragile and brittle bones and would cause many diseases and fractures.

Today we will share some amazing healthy food for our strong bones.

Foods for strong bones are as follow:

Leafy and dark green vegetables

Leafy and dark green vegetables like kale, arugula and watercress are excellent source of calcium. Many people include spinach in their diet as it contains oxalic acid and helps to absorb calcium.

Almond butter

Almond is very good source of calcium. In form of butter almond can also be used. Almond butter is not only source of calcium but are also good source of protein and has low fat and no cholesterol level.


Cheese is manufactured from milk. Cheese is loaded with lots of calcium. 

Cheese contains high amount of calcium. Among varieties of cheese mozzarella cheese has high amount of calcium.


Yogurt is used from many centuries. Yogurt has more calcium than milk thus it is great food for strong bones.


If you are vegan that egg is good option for increasing calcium in your body. Egg contains good amount of Vitamin D which is very good for strong bones. Yellow part of egg – yolk is very important for strong bones.


Milk is best food for strong bones. Milk contains very good amont of calcium and vital vitamins which are very necessary for bones strong health. Thus because of this milk is very important part of children diet. 
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