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Is Fasting Good For Health Or Bad For Health?

Benefits and Side effects of fasting
Benefits and Side effects of fasting
Fasting is a very age-old practice that is usually done for religious reasons. But now a day, when people have become more concerned about their weight, then fasting is more often practiced to reduce weight than for any religious reasons.
During fasting people like to eat little this is equal to no food. It is very true that fasting may results to weight loss but there are some side effects for the same.

One can fast for a day or two, that is not dangerous but people suffering from any chronic disease, pregnant ladies or children. Many doctors do not allow fasting as there are many medical reasons too. For everyone fasting is not so easy. The system for fasting also varies, but the basic fast usually allows only water, fresh juice or any laxative concoction. There are also some fasting system that include the intake of very few solid foods that provide less calories. 

Benefits of fasting:

During a fast, our hormone growth is secreted in our body. It is one of the basic and vital fat burning hormones. 

During a fast, our lipolysis increases and thus fasting insulin decreases. 

Fasting helps in restricting the fat and calorie intake. This automatically reduces weight loss.

When and one drink only water or fresh juice, by this way the toxins of the body are released. Healthy liquid helps to flush out the impurities and many other harmful elements from our body and thus makes it healthy and hygienic. 

The catecholamines are increased while you are fasting. These catecholamines help us in providing good amount of energy and you can burn fat too.

So, these were some amazing of the benefits of fasting for reducing weight. 

There are also some of side effects of fasting for reducing weight. When you are planning for a fasting regime for reducing weight, then it is important to keep these side effects of fasting in your mind too.

Side effects of fasting

Fasting, no doubt very easily reduces the calorie intake. Fasting can also cause few health problems including muscle loss etc.

During a fast, from our body calories are burned steadily and slowly this process is known as conversation mode.

During fasting no weight is loss permanently. Only your muscles loss as no calories is intake but in return you will gain more weight.

While reducing weight, we want to reduce fat but due to slower metabolism it is very easy to gain reduced weight at very fast rate.

Some other side effects of fasting include muscles aches, headaches, dizziness, low blood sugar, fatigue, weakness and diarrhea.

Fasting for a very long term may lead to irregular heartbeat, anemia, some kidney or liver problems or may weakened immune system.

Fasting can also result in vitamins and mineral deficiencies, and when there is deficient of many important vitamin and minerals, it results to many health problems and you can fall sick.

So these were some benefits and side effects of fasting for weight loss. The problem of temporary weight loss and this is the very problem common during fasting. Many people gain their lost weight again once they stop fasting.

long-drawn-out fasting is strictly not advised by doctors. Fasting for a period of a day or two days is safe. You are advised that you keep on taking juice, water and fruits so that body doesn’t fall deficient of any vitamins and mineral. 

If you are planning for fasting in order to lose weight, then you must consult a physician. 

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