Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How To Organize Your Makeup Kit?

How to organize your makeup kit
Every girls have lots of beauty products in their makeup kit. But to keep them organize in a makeup kit is very important. Take small makeup kit so that whenever you wish to go out of your home, you can carry that makeup kit.

Here are few tips which I follow to organize my makeup kit. They are as follow:

Assess your routine

Choose beauty product as per your need. 

You must have everything from foundation to a blush to eyelash curler in your makeup kit. 

For touch up you need loose powder while some need concealer or brow tamer it totally depends on individual skin type. 

Many girls keep 2 lipstick, liner, nail paints in their kit but remember only one beauty product will go. 

In makeup kit you must not only keep beauty product but also keep in mind to keep non beauty products like tissues, eye drops, nail cutter and ear buds. 

Pick the right bag

It’s very important to pick right makeup kit.

Material: your makeup kit should be easy to clean and should be durable. You can take pretty cloth bag.

Pockets: If you get outside pocket than that’s great for you. Keep day and night makeup in 2 separate sections.

Shape:  I have rectangular makeup kit. You can go for square one too. It is waste of space to purchase round bag. 

Fit it all in

Your beauty and makeup product should fit comfortably in your makeup kit. Buy makeup kit long one so that your eyeliner and kajal would fit in.

Look for miniatures

Many beauty products usually fit in makeup kit. You must look for brushes, nail files and perfumes that you use while travelling. 

Double up

I have tiny combination of eyelash brush and eyebrow brush which easily folds p. It does not take any space. Rather than, carrying 2 eye shadows combine it into 1.

Keep it clean

Never make your makeup kit grungy. Clean it often. This will be quick and simple. Wipe your bags from both the sides. 

These were some simple steps to organize your makeup kit. If you have any query, feel free to ask.
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