Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Essential Things to Keep in Diaper Bag

Essential things to keep in diaper bag
Essential things to keep in diaper bag
Congratulation you have a baby now., so it’s time to have one more bag to the bags you have – a diaper bag.  I love diaper bag, I am sure you too will love to carry them.
The pattern, the color and those cute cartoons on them are so wonderful and loveable. You will love to carry it to shopping malls, playgroups and many more places. Before moving out of the house it’s essential to check all the needy and essentials in your bag. 
Here are list of essential things need to carry in your diaper bag:

Diaper: Of course diaper is 1st and very important thing need to keep in a diaper bag. Without diaper this bag does not have any sense. Without baby diapers I can move out of my house. If you are planning for long hours, than do keep multiple diapers in your bay.
Baby wipes: To clean your baby you need baby wipes. Wipes are very important to clean your baby after poop before you put new and fresh diaper.

Changing mat: To place your baby and change her cloths or diaper you need clean mat. Right after baby diapers, you must put changing mat.

Hand and mouth tissue: these tissues are very handy and useful while feeding your baby. You can even use these tissues to clean your baby after playing outdoors.

Feeding clock: If you know that your baby may need feeding anytime and anywhere then don’t forget to pack them. 

Wrap towel: whatever the weather is, wrap towel is must in a diaper bag. The evening chill, the light breeze and give your baby shivers so you must be prepared. If you have a toddler than you must carry, a warm jacket or light sweater with you.

Napkins:  Must have 2 napkins in your diaper bags. One is to place on your shoulder while trying her to take breath and second to clean your baby. 

Sanitizer: Sanitizer is for you than your baby. Each time you offer a food to your baby than you must clean your hands.

Feeding bottle: feeding bottle to carry depends on baby to baby. One bottle in for water and another bottle are for expressed or formula milk. In diaper bags there is a both side compartment. So use those places for bottle. 

Changing cloths: extra cloths are very important to your baby and use them in emergency. 

Snack pack: you can’t miss your baby food. It all depends on your baby hunger. 

What are you wondering? Will all these things come in diaper bag? Don’t worry they will be in a safe place in a diaper bags. Don’t miss diaper bag while going out of house while going out with baby.

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