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Here Are Easy And Effective Ways To Reduce Back Pain

10 ways to reduce Back Pain
You bend down to pick up a pen and your back gives out!! Hobbies like gardening etc. are hard to follow. It often happens that you lift something heavy or you stand up suddenly and you feel like a screwdriver pierced through your bones. This problem of back pain is really very common. It is seriously terrible to bear. 

Eating a pain-killer or applying any ointment can be a temporary solution to this back pain, but there are also some activities that will help you in reducing back pain naturally. These activities can also be your permanent solution. Read on to find out more on reducing and getting rid of back pain.

Maintain Good Posture

Sometimes, it is the strain that is the real cause of back pain. And the root cause of strain on your back is the wrong posture. Most of the people have poor posture when performing their daily routine activities. Most common example is to lean unnecessary over the sink while brushing your teeth. You should try to reduce the pressure on your back by keeping the right amount of curvature and sitting or standing in a correct posture. One should never bend their shoulders or lean while sitting. You must try to keep back straight this will help in reduce strain and will reduce back pain.

Limit Bed Rest

Researchers have proved that people who are not active have a harder time with their daily tasks and are seen to have back pain regularly. Even patients should try to avoid more than 3 days of bed rest. If it is not a serious condition, avoid being on bed-rest for a longer time.


It is said a simple exercise like walking can help in reducing back pain. Walking helps you to get out of a sitting posture and puts your in a neutral upright position which is good for lower-back. 

Follow A Specialist Exercise Plan

Sometimes, walking or any other light exercise is just not enough to reduce back pain. If this is the condition with you, go seek a physical therapist, chiropractor or an exercise physiologist who is a back care specialist. He will tell you the right exercise plan which would help you in curing back pain.

Use Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, yoga and tai chi can work wonders for your back. These relaxation techniques helps put your mind at rest and gradually which can reduce bank pain.

Talk Therapy

Sometimes anxiety and depression can also cause back pain. Try to talk to a good friend, family member or your loved one to lighten’ up your mood. Have a good and healthy conversation; this will help in reducing your back pain.

Apply Ice and heat

Applying ice, cold packs or heating pads all can be useful. It is really hard to decide which method would be more beneficial as all three have equal effects. You may choose according to the availability of the product at your home.

Sleep Properly

Sleeping in a wrong position or sleeping on a mattress without any support can also cause back pain. It is very important that you have a comfortable sleep at night. Sleep in comfortable mattresses and lay down properly on your bed. 

Improve your flexibility

It is very important that you improve your flexibility but regularly practicing back-related exercises. This will keep your back flexible, so if you suddenly bend down to pick up something from the ground or you stand up suddenly from your office chair, it does not cause you to pain. But avoid performing any strenuous exercise like push-ups etc. They may result in increasing your back pain.

Say NO to Smoking
It is rightly said ‘Smoking is injurious to health’. It not only damages your lungs but also cause back pain. Nicotin in it cause the blood vessels in your body to decreases and constricts the flow of blood to the soft tissue. This causes back pain. So if you really want to alleviate back pain, quite smoking now!!

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