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Top 9 South Indian Rangoli Designs

Top 9 South Indian Rangoli Designs
Indian loves to make Rangoli on every occasion and festival. It is form of art where people make designs and patterns using colors, stones, flowers etc. on floors. Rangoli is south India is popularly known as Kolam. Women make Kolam or Rangoli in the household which depicts beauty and creates a welcoming environment.
Usually Rangolis made up of Wheat flour can be seen in South India. They create different abstract patterns using it. South Indians are very artistic and this can be seen in their Rangoli designs. It can either be full of bright colors or they can be in simple white color, but whatever may be the design it always looks beautiful and pleasing to eyes.

Let me know show you the top 9 south Indian Rangoli design.

Flower Rangoli

Top 9 South Indian Rangoli Designs

Floral designs made using bright colors are a common thing to be seen. But every design has its own charm, just like this design has. It is made using water colors. Lotus flower in different shades have beautifully been connected using a fixed pattern. It is easy to make and appealing to eyes.

Mandapam Kolam

Top 9 South Indian Rangoli Designs

Mandapan Kolam is a Rangoli design which is usually made on the occasion of marriages in South India. It is done using wet paint and is made on floor. It looks very complex but if closely observed, it can be easily made as it is made with combining patterns of Lines, dots and waves. 

Picture Rangoli

Top 9 South Indian Rangoli Designs

As I have said before, south Indians are very artistic. And this Rangoli design is a live example of it. They create pictures as their Rangoli design to depict any scene or any message. Here in this design, looks how beautifully the importance of education has been depicted along with a message written below it. 

Karthigai Kolam

Top 9 South Indian Rangoli Designs

Karthigai is a very important festival of lamps in South India which is popularly known as Karthigai Deepam. This design is usually made on this festival which is decorated with lighted lamps and diyas. It is very simple to make and it can be made anywhere in your house, whether be in entrance or veranda. This design is made using white chalk and white Rangoli color, while you can add your favorite color to it, if you wish to.

Dot Rangoli 

Top 9 South Indian Rangoli Designs

This kind of design can be seen outside of the households. It is made using white rock powder and soil. Though this design may look very tough and complicated but if you look closely, the design pattern which has been in the center of this Rangoli, it has been repeatedly made on the 4 corners of it. You have a choice to add your own colors to this design too.

Basic Rangoli

Top 9 South Indian Rangoli Designs

This Rangoli is one of the most basic designs. It has been made using wheat flour. It is a very simple yet elegant design which is usually seen in house temples. Usually south Indian Rangoli designs are made using dots, but this is a freehand drawing which requires next-to-no efforts

Kalasha Rangoli

Top 9 South Indian Rangoli Designs

Kalasha is plays a very important role when performing we worship. It symbolizes auspiciousness. This design seems really interesting and beautiful as it has Kalashas with holy cow faces made alongside. It is made with combination of wet colors and dry colors, where wet colors are used to make borders, while filling inside the shapes has been done using dry colors.

Birds and Flowers

Top 9 South Indian Rangoli Designs

Both birds and flowers symbolize beauty and joy. This Rangoli design is joyful and lively which gives you a positive vibe the moment to you look at it. I really loved the way birds are being made with flowers and leaves. This whole Rangoli is made using dry colors. Isn’t it just beautiful?

Big Single Flower Rangoli 

Top 9 South Indian Rangoli Designs

Last but not the least on my top 10 south Indian Rangoli designs is this big flower design which has been made using flower petals only. Even south Indians love to fusion designs. This design is quite similar to north Indian floral Rangoli designs, corner and curves in this design is what makes it different. It really looks elegant and beautiful.

I hope you loved watching this south Indian Rangoli designs as much as I did. They are truly wonderful and I am going to try. So friends, what about you? 
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