Monday, October 13, 2014

You Must Checkout These 9 Healthy Benefits of Almonds

Health Benefits of Almonds
I love to eat almonds; it tastes so yummy and delicious. Daily morning my mom used to give me 5 to 6 almonds to my breakfast. Almonds have many benefits. Today in my post will share some health benefits of almonds.

Health benefits of almonds are as follow:

Reduces heart attack risk

People who consume almonds for 5 times in a week, have 50 % less risk of heart attack.

Reduces bad cholesterol

Almonds are very beneficial in reducing bad cholesterol. To reduce bad cholesterol includes almonds in your daily diet.

Reduces risk of artery wall damage

Almonds skin contain flavonoids which are great source of vitamin E, thus it helps in reducing the artery wall damage.

Build strong bones and teeth

Almonds are very good source of phosphorus. For healthy and strong bones phosphorus is very important. Thus consumption of almonds are good to build strong bones and teeth.

Reduces weight

Almonds are high in fats but one who eats nuts regularly are thinner than people who never eat.

People who eat nuts at least 2 times a week are less prone to weight gain than who never ate. 

Good for diabetic’s people

If, people who have diabetics include almond in meal then it helps to lower the rise of blood sugar in body and reduces the use of insulin after meal.

Good for brain functioning

Almonds are good source of L-carnitine and riboflavin. These nutrients are very important to boost brain activity and help to reduce the risk of Alzheimer disease.

Good for nervous system

Daily consumption of almonds helps to increase the high intellectual longevity and level.

Alkalize your body

Almonds produce alkaline forming. You can have osteoporosis, low energy, poor immune system and weight gain. Thus it is very important to keep your body alkaline enough.

These were some health benefits of almonds I know.

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