Monday, October 13, 2014

Do You Know How Healthy Is Avocados For You?

Health Benefits of Avocados
Avocado is like a shape of pear. This fruit is very well known for its health benefits. Avocado belongs to Central America, Guam and Mexico. Since ages it is cultivated. In India we call it as a Butter Fruit.

Today will share with you health benefits of avocado.

They are as follow:

Full of Nutrients

You can get 1/3rd of daily requirement from this one seed fruit. It contains good amount of folate, vitamin K, lots of pantohenic, vitamin C and vitamin B6.

Good amount of potassium

Avocado is very good source of potassium. It contains 2 times more potassium then a banana. It contains good amount of niacin, Vitamin E and riboflavin. 

Contains healthy fat

Avocado contains good amount of fats. Fats present in avocado are very important for increasing good cholesterol. Do include this fruit in your diet to increase HDL and helps to decrease triglycerides. 

Helps to cure Cancer

Avocado contains glutathione which is beneficial to prevent and cure cancer cells.

Consumption of avocado helps to stop and kill the growth of pre cancerous cells which will lead to oral cancer. Avocado fruit is also beneficial to cure prostate cancer.

Good for your baby

Avocado is full of nutrition’s thus it is very important for your baby’s growth. Thus include avocado in your baby’s diet. 

Control blood Sugar level

Avocado fruit slows digestion thus it helps to control blood sugar level after a meal.

Protects your unborn babies

Avocado is very good for you and your baby. It contains 1/3rd or folate you need in your daily diet. Thus it is good for your baby’s nervous system and brain. Thus when you are pregnant, do consume avocado.

Good for eyes sight

Avocado contains good amount of zeaxanthin and lutein which helps in protecting your eyes from macular degeneration related to age, thus it also improves your vision. 

Contains low pesticide level

Avocado contains a very thin skin which is very good to protect your body from absorbing pesticides.

Reduces weight

If you eat half avocado in lunch then you will feel less hunger or desire for 3 hours after your lunch. 

Good for fertility and sexual health

These are top 10 health benefits of avocado. If you are satisfied with this post then do comment.

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