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Ginger Home Remedies

Ginger home remedies

Recipe for Ginger tea
Ginger tea is good for health but it taste too good. Ginger tea is good for cold and digestion. You can prepare simple recipe for ginger tea at home also its very easy.

Go through the recipe of ginger tea:


water 2 cups

lime 1/2 to taste

honey 2 tbsp


Boil water in a Pan, add ginger and boil it for 10 mins. Add lime and honey after removing it from flame.

Homemade ginger tea is ready to enjoy.

Remedy for nausea

If you are pregnant then often you will have nausea or morning sickness. 

Here is few remedy for nausea

Have ginger tea daily in the morning.

You can even have ginger capsule instead of ginger tea if u don’t like ginger tea.

Remedy for headache

Ginger helps in the treatment from headache. 

The inflammation of the blood vessels in your head. 

Ginger helps in reducing it thus it helps in reducing headache.

Simple remedy using ginger for headache:-

By Chewing raw ginger. 

Boiling ginger in water and inhailing the vapours.

Consume of ginger by 1:1 proportion of ginger and lemon juice twice a day.

Mixing dry ginger with water makes a paste from it and apply it on your forehead it helps in relief from headache.

For menstrual cramp

75% of girls suffer  from Menstrual cramp. Follow simple remedy to get rid from menstrual cramp.

Have ginger tea throughtout the day.

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