Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sometimes Cucumber Has Side Effects! Know When

Cucumber is green and crunchy vegetable. That is very beneficial for our skin, hair and health. This creeper plant is easily cultivated and is available in many sizes. You can easily get cucumber at your local market.
Instead of many benefits and uses, cumber has many side effects too. This vegetable is not entirely reaction free. 

Some of the side effects of cucumber are as follow:

Cucumber can cause you allergies, you can have oral cavity, swelling and itchiness because of allergy. If you do not eat raw cucumber raw then you may not have an allergy. Always cook the cucumber before consuming it.

Cucumber can cause gastritis problem to few peoples as it has compound known as cucubitacin which results to indigestion. To get rid of this problem you can avoid eating those cucumbers which has this compound. You can undergo breeding of cucumber and this compound can be removed.

Cucumber has severe side effects on your hair. It can cause baldness and toxicity because of chemical present in it. Thus one should not consume more cucumber at a time. 

These were few side effects of cucumber. If, you know more than surely share with us.

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