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List of Children books for Halloween

Children books for Halloween
Books are loved by all. Halloween festival is celebrated once in a year. There are many kids who love to read more stories on Halloween.
Today in my post will share with you some of the famous and my favorite books based on Halloween. Here are books which I had read when I was kid.

Friends here are the lift of children books for Halloween:

Scary Godmother

This is 1st book in my list. This is a series of children’s comic and books by famous artist Jill Thompson. This book is published by Sirius Entertainment in year 1997.

Big Pumpkin

This book is published in year 1992 and is written by Erica Silverman. It is illustrated by S.D. Schindler and is based on the Russian folktale – The Turnip.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

This is a series of 3 children’s book writer by author Alvin Schwartz. Stephen Garmmel illustrated this scary story book.

The main titles in this series were scary stories to tell in the dark which wass released in year 1981, more scary stories to tell in dark which was released in year 1984 and more tales to chill your bones which was released in 1991. 

It’s Halloween

This is very famous picture book written by author Jack Prelutsky and then illustrated by Marylin Hafner. This book is published in year 1977. It comes in a collection of children’s poems which is based in Halloween theme.

Something Queer is going on

This is very famous story book based on Halloween and is later redubbed into the Fletcher Mysteries, This mystery book series is written by author Elizabeth Levy and Mordicai Gerstein illustrated this book.

The Scary Sleepover

This book is children’s picture book which is written for children’s aged between 3 to 6 years. Author Ulrich Karger has written the Scary Sleepover book and is illustrated by Uli Waas.

Harriet Halloween Candy

This is very famous children’s book based on Halloween theme. It is published in year 1982 and this picture book is written and illustrated by author Nancy L. Carlson.

These were some of my favorite Halloween based story books. What are your favorite lists? Do share with us.

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