Friday, November 7, 2014

How to plan a Trip?

How to plan travel expense in budget?
There are some people who love to travel but usually feel they cannot afford a vacation simply by looking up the net and seeing the high value of airfares and hotel tariffs. However the great news is, if you plan properly, you'll be ready to get to your favorite destination and that too inside your budget.
Here's a way to approach it...
Book your air tickets regarding 6-8 weeks prior to. Tickets are cheaper if you book a round trip. The airlines provides a "discount" to round trip tickets.

Avoiding traveling on weekends. It usually happens that air-tickets price is higher than usual on weekends. And you will also have to deal with rush while traveling.

A decent alternative to hotels is staying in hostels. They're for all ages and not just for students.

While traveling, avoid shopping from the tourist market, as price may be bit higher that the regular ones. Go for a local market for buying the useful and needy things.
If you're planning to stay for than 3 weeks in a town then go for rented flat. This is the most suitable choice. These outfitted residences are sometimes cheaper than hotels and provides more amenities sort of a room, laundry, and television space.
Carry your daily need things with you. Make a check-list of things to carry before traveling. This will save your money and you will be able to buy more 'famous items' of that particular place!!

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