Friday, November 7, 2014

Skin Product Review - E.L.F Cosmetics: Yes or No?

E.L.F Cosmetics: Yes or No?
We all ways wish to bargain and for this ELF cosmetics that fits under my category. ELF cosmetics send their beauty products in many online stores, drugstores and local chains. We can get ELF cosmetics at just 1$ as well. Many of you may think it’s not a trust worthy cosmetics, but it is not true they have very good quality. I had used ELF cosmetics and I really loved them.

ELF cosmetics product review


You can get ELF essential nail polish at $2.00.

Rates of ELF cosmetic are amazing. Just to try the nail polish you just need to spend 2$. Price of these cosmetics is very low. You can even gift these ELF products to your friends. This is very good for experimenting new products and color as well.


You can get great products at ELF. You can get cool colors but sometimes these lipsticks leak from their containers. You can buy mineral eye shadow at very inexpensive rate. ELF makeup brushes are of very poor quality. Mascara, eyeliner and nail polish are all good but they have slightly higher price.


As per ELF reliability, many people buy their products in stores. Even you can purchase them online at lesser price. If you purchase online than shipping will take bit time. ELF products have nice shelf life and must use their nail polish quicker they separate from their container.

 What is my view?

I think Elf cosmetics are worth to buy. You can use your high quality makeup brush with these cosmetics. If you are planning to buy than 1st you can buy mineral eye shadow. Even you will love to use mascara, liquid lipstick and eyeliner. If you are looking for money saver cosmetics than ELF cosmetics is for you. Everyone has different skin tones and skin types so it totally depends on you what to buy and what not to. 

So friends, have you ever tried ELF cosmetics?

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