Friday, November 28, 2014

How To Shade Your Eyelashes

how to shade your eyelashes
Summer is around and I love summer time! I am a fan of long days, hot weather, watching colorful flowers which are bloom and in all way I make sure to have lots of fun. In last few days I watched 4 amazing movies (The lone Ranger, The Great Gatsby, The heat and Despicable me 2) and now I wish to attend some amazing and colorful exhibition or fair and then at golf course to ride the horse! After all girls are born to have fun! Am I right girls?
If you are too planning to have fun this summer than try to play with your eyes. You highlight your most precious peepers with colorful, radiant, colored lashes? Colored lashes is sexy and whether your eyes are colored with eye shadows or no makeup, sultry, long, stand out eyelashes are simply stunning and elegant!
Colored eyelashes are perfect makeup enhancement that mixes in with majesty that is summer time!
Fierce, festive, fun, fashionable and flamboyant!

You can color your Eyelashes with colored mascara. In market there are many shades of mascara available. So we will share with you tips to choose colored mascara.

Tips are as follow:-

Always emphasize on your eye color before choosing mascara shade. To give cool effect, match mascara color to your eye color. 

Add emphasis to the thickness and length of the lashes by using quality product. 

Before you swipe on the colored mascara, never forget to apply quality products. Primer coat will give your eyelashes an extra oomph!

For fun, shouts, playful and brazen look use single color on top lashes and different color on bottom eyelashes.

If you apply brighter mascara color then you need to apply less mascara.

Colored lashes fun fact: A colored eyelash has one big plus- a colored lash makes your eyes look bigger. In addition to that colored mascara provides you with pleasant and joy look. 

Tips to apply colored mascara

Use 2 different colors on top or bottom eyelashes that give you mood enhancing and striking flare. For example at bottom portion of top eyelashes use navy blue and on top eyelashes swipe light blue or turquoise shade of mascara. Now you had coated both light blue and dark blue shade on your upper lashes. You can follow same thing with lower lashes.

Try to allow mascara color to provide insight into your eye color that matches your personality! Sexy and subtle!

If you want an extremely attractive and youthful look with colored eyelashes that keep a bare eyes, apply kohl or dark eyeliner add colored mascara and with faint application brush swipe your cheeks. A nude or shiny lip or pink lip gloss finishes off this minimal makeup, yet with minimal makeup, Yes now this is maximum wow vector, red and purple shade will frame your turn head. You can get makeup enhancement, only on top lashes.  Apply colored lashes above wear correct lashes. Wear deep blue eyes or smoky eyes.

If you get green or hazel eyes, try green shade on eyelashes for a sensual look.

If you have brown eyes that coat with mascara shade in lovely purple, pink and gold  looks elegant.

If you got golden eyes than apply pink, green, blue mascara goes lovely with play look.

If you got blue eyes than use mascara shade in pink, green, blue and purple shade which will draw everyone’s attention on your elegant baby blues!

Why your life is so boring? Add some wonderful color in your life, put some cool colors in your eyes.

Paint your wonderful eyelashes with color magnificence! I am sure you will look magnificent!

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